‘Love Is Blind’ LEAK: Season 2 on Track – See When it Returns to Netflix

Love is Blind leaks reveal when Season 2 will return to Netflix – after the digital platform confirmed the popular show was getting another go-round of pod love. The dating show was a big hit earlier this year. And when the company announced back in March they’d renewed LiB, fans cheered. But, the pandemic postponed production and fans wondered when, or if, it would resume. Here’s the latest on when to expect the next season.

Love Is Blind: A Unique Take on Dating

Dating took on a new meaning in this modern age. It is harder and harder for singles to find a lasting relationship. With online dating and apps where you can swipe through potential partners, people are overwhelmed with choices. It has become increasingly easier to move to someone new, rather than put in the work to stick to one relationship needs.

And with so many different options, singles may be pickier. That’s where Love is Blind came into the mix. Last year, Netflix wanted to try something new. They gathered 31 men and women looking for marriage and tried a new social experiment. In their show, contestants met and dated with a literal wall between them. They used pods between the singletons.

In this Love is Blind experiment, individuals met multiple would-be matches. For ten days, they talked through the pods, speed-dating style. Then, they narrowed it down. At the end of the ten days, six men proposed marriage without even seeing their partner.

Next, the newly engaged couples met in person. And the Love is Blind matches immediately went on a couples retreat in Mexico. They spent time together as a duo and as a group. Finally, they moved in together in apartments in Atlanta until the wedding day. At the ceremony, each person had the choice to say, “I do” or “I don’t.” And it worked for many.

Love is Blind: Dating Pods

The Binge-Worthy First Season

The first season of Love is Blind had a mass following online. The binge-driving reality show had fans creating and circulating memes all over the internet — with most inspired by Jessica Batten. She stepped quickly into the role of villain. And it’s clear that viewers loved to hate her.

Jessica got engaged to Mark Cuevas on Love is Blind. But only after her first choice, Matthew Barnett, dumped her. Jessica made it clear that she felt Mark was too young and she only had eyes for Barnett. While in Mexico, Jessica kept on chasing Barnett. even though he had a fiancee he loved. He also made it clear that he had no interest in Jessica.

However, she strung Mark along and convinced him that she loved him and wanted to make it work. In the end, Jessica said, “I don’t” and left Mark brokenhearted at the altar. Jessica’s behavior on Love is Blind sparked outrage and ridicule from followers. In the end, only two couples married on the Finale and are still together today.

But, a third couple reunited on the reunion episode and are still dating. So it looks like Love is Blind and fans can’t wait for more. Barnett wed Amber Pike and Lauren Speed wed Cameron Hamilton. Also, Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers split at the altar but got together later – and remain happily courting.

Love is Blind: Casting Call

Love is Blind Season 2 – in Chicago This Time

After pandemic delays, production didn’t start when it was initially scheduled. Now, Netflix is back to work on Season 2. They’re casting now – but only for Chicago residents. So, the production moved from The ATL to the Windy City. Also, co-hosts Nick Lachey and his wife Vanessa confirmed their return to Love is Blind.

And, it should follow the same format as the original. Now, viewers can’t wait to find out if love remains blind. As for when Season 2 will hit Netflix, it looks like it’ll be early 2021 – in the Spring. So, that’s just a few months away before Netflix sends singles back to the pods to find unseen love.

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