‘Love Is Blind’: Fans Slap Amber and Barnett with Insane Nicknames – See Who They Call Satan

Love Is Blind‘s Amber Pike, Matt Barnett and other cast members get insane nicknames from Netlfix fans. Some nicknames are flattering and downright funny while others are too spot-on. Fans go back and forth about whose fan-created moniker is the best. But who got the nickname of Satan?

Netflix’s Love Is Blind: Amber Pike and Matt Barnett Get Attention

During Love Is Blind, fans couldn’t get enough of the hot scenes of Amber and now-husband Matt Barnett in the pool, on the bed, and everywhere else they decided to get it on. Many thought Matt and Amber’s relationship would die out after the initial thrill of the chase. But at the reunion show, Matt Barnett was still with Amber Pike. And they still are today.

Love Is Blind fans even said Amber Pike’s using Matt Barnett as her meal ticket. Others disagree and some say it doesn’t matter as long as they are both happy. At the reunion, Amber marked her territory letting Jessica Batten know she was not happy with how she went behind her back to try to get to her man during the Love Is Blind taping. As for Amber’s nickname, see what fans are calling her. It’s pretty funny.

Love Is Blind: Amber Pike

Funny Nicknames Spark LIB Conversation

Fans of Love Is Blind have a host of hilarious nicknames for Matt Barnett, wife Amber Pike, and other cast members. The consensus is that the funniest of the nicknames for these two is “Hot Hobo” for Amber Pike and “Y Tho” for Matt Barnett.

Many female fans don’t understand why others are so over the moon for Barnett when he’s such a bro.

Other popular nicknames you’ll see for the Love Is Blind cast are “Tank Girl” for Amber Pike and Barn door for Matt Barnett. Then, there’s “I Am Your Gift” for Damian, and “Bush Baby” for Mark. Let’s not forget Jessica. She has the honor of carrying the most strongly felt nickname – and it’s “Satan”.

Love Is Blind: Fans Nickname

‘Love Is Blind’ Watchers Look Forward to More Nicknames in Season 2

Love Is Blind viewers were happy to hear there is a 2nd season coming out. Netflix renewed Love Is Blind for two more seasons. While the taping of the show might be up in the air because of COVID-19, we still know we are going to get to see more cringe-worthy romantic moments.

The next season takes place in Chicago. Online casting calls are already underway and thousands of people have already put their hat in the right. Who will be the new hottie for season number two of Love Is Blind? And who will be the villain we all love to talk about? Fans seem to think that the first cast won’t be outdone. But we won’t know until 2021 when the show is expected to air.

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