‘Love Is Blind’ Renewed 2 More Seasons – the Only COVID-Proof Reality Romance Show?

Netflix renewed Love Is Blind for two more seasons. That’s two new seasons of cringe-worthy romance and watching disaster dates through fingers. Many programs are shutting down due to coronavirus. But could Netflix’s Love Is Blind be the only COVID-proof romance reality show? See what’s coming for the addictive Netflix program.

Netflix’s Love Is Blind Season 2 & 3 Approval Delights Fans

Netflix approves Love Is Blind seasons 2 and 3. And viewers couldn’t be happier. With the almost total shutdown of entertainment taping, fans of every reality hit worry they are going to be out of commission. With the unique LIB pod situation, it could technically still go on. No in-person dates required, unlike messier shows The Bachelor, etc.

The news shows haven’t started taping yet due to the coronavirus. But people are hopeful. Many fans are chiming in on online Love Is Blind casting calls. Taping will take place in Chicago this time – season 1 was in Atlanta. But since no one can be out and about, everything is happening online.

Love Is Blind: Lauren Speed - Cameron Hamilton - Matt Barnett

Love Is Blind: Will Taping Go On?

Since there isn’t any in-person contact necessary during the first part of the show, will Netflix figure out a way to make it happen? Maybe instead of doing pods, they will have a virtual taping and blind video chats? Fans brainstorm ways to make their new favorite binge-worthy show go on.

Netflix says the second season of Love Is Blind and some of their others like The Circle and Rhythm + Flow will debut in 2021. While Netflix doesn’t release traditional viewer data, they do say it has become a word of mouth hit since the premiere. Meanwhile, fans are obsessed with the couples even after watching LIB season one.

Love Is Blind: Amber Pike - Matt Barnett

Dating Shows On Hold Due to COVID

Other reality dating programs that don’t operate like Netflix’s Love Is Blind are at a standstill. Popular reality program The Bachelorette can’t go one because of its nature. The travel to exotic destinations and the large group of men living under one roof fighting for a woman’s attention make for a COVID-19 risk.

ABC cast the males for the new season with filming to start March 13, but now Clare Crowley’s season is on indefinite hold. In the meantime, many new viewers continue to discover Love Is Blind on the streaming service. It remains among their top 10 programs every week with no signs of slowing.

So, viewers will have to stay tuned to see what happens after the quarantine lifts, but maybe Love Is Blind will carry on. The good news is, the renewal news means two more hot mess seasons to stream – the only question is when.

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