‘Love Is Blind’: Jessica Batten’s Dreamy New Boyfriend Looks Like Matt Barnett

Love Is Blind‘s Jessica Batten is dating again and her now boyfriend looks like a cross between Matt Barnett and Mark Cuevas. After her horrible run on the show and almost marriage to Mark Cuevas, she was definitely the show villain. Everyone has been waiting to see who she was going to date next. And now we have the details.

Love Is Blind: The Doctor Is In for Jessica Batten

Viewers of the Netflix show Love Is Blind are interested to see Jessica Batten’s choice of a man. During the Netflix experiment reality show, many people threw some major hate at Jessica. They were mad at how she treated Mark. And they were mad at how she got in the way of Amber Pike and Matt Barnett’s relationship. Even after Amber and Matt Barnett were engaged, it seemed like Jessica Batten couldn’t get over Barnett.

Love Is Blind: Mark Cuevas - Jessica Batten

Above is a picture of Jessica Batten and former fiance Mark Cuevas

There were even hints that Jessica was taking substances while taping. To say that she had a rough time on the show is an understatement. But now it looks like she’s got herself a doctor. Love Is Blind fans say it makes a lot of sense since she was used to a certain type of lifestyle.

Dr. Benjamin McGrath is Jessica Batten’s new boyfriend. Fans are calling him dreamy and others just say he is cute. There is a mixed bag of emotions when it comes to whether they think he’s better than Mark or not. Some fans of Love Is Blind say it’s likely that she thinks she traded up.

Below is a pic of Jessica Batten and her current boyfriend Dr. Benjamin McGrath.

Love Is Blind: Benjamin Macgrath - Jessica Batten

Was It Love at First Sight?

Jessica went to see if Love Is Blind on the Netflix series. But it seems like it’s not. It seems like looks do matter and she’s not only dating a doctor but a good looking one as well. Everyone wants to know more about this mysterious new doctor. The couple actually met while they were riding bikes.

But what has fans talking is how much her new boyfriend looks a lot like a mixture of Mark Cuevas and Matt Barnett.

From Jessica Batten’s photos, we know that they enjoy boating and biking together. But what does he do for work? He works with feet all day as a podiatrist.

Beyond work, he’s also a father of two children. Many wonder if the two plan on having kids since Jessica is already 36 years old. And others wonder how she feels about the fact that he has children. So far, there is no evidence she has met his children yet even though they’ve been dating for four months according to Jessica.

Love Is Blind: Benjamin Macgrath

What’s Next for This Love Is Blind Villain?

No matter what, Jessica Batten from Love Is Blind will likely remain the villain of the show. But many people say that even villains deserve to have happy endings too. And it appears that Jessica has found hers. Now that she is living in California, it seems like she is enjoying life. Even her dog seems to be having a great time on the west coast.

Many Love Is Blind viewers hope that this new boyfriend is going to be a good influence on her. It seems like he is very positive and has a lot of good goals in life. And also has a good relationship with his children.

It looks like Jessica has a new clothing line coming out. It looks like it is a play off of when Amber says, ‘B*tch, you’re sheisty’ on one of the episodes. Way to turn your pain into profit, Jessica

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