‘Love Is Blind’: Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers – Funny Quarantine Antics

Love Is Blind‘s Giannina Gibelli is staying in quarantine, and Damian Powers is keeping her company. They are doing some interesting things to keep themselves busy during this social distancing. See what Gianna and Damian are up to.

Netflix’s Love Is Blind: Giannina Hopes Her Boobs Won’t Pop Out of Her Shirt

Netflix fans thought Giannina Gibelli was a little extra on Love Is Blind, but it wasn’t an act. Damian Powers challenges her to do push-ups and she’s game even without a bra. She says that she hopes her boob doesn’t fall out of her shirt while shooting a video. Fans watched to make sure all was secure.

Not only is Giannina getting her push-ups in, but she is also having fun tormenting Damian like she did on Love Is Blind. She takes a video of him when he doesn’t know it seems like a standard practice. He playfully tackles her as she films him.

Love Is Blind: Giannina Gibelli - Damian Powers

Damian Sings in the Bathroom While Getting Ready for the Day

Giannina likes to secretly record Damian. She likes to record him singing through the bathroom door. Maybe he’ll audition for a reality talent show next? Or maybe not. Giannina says this goes on all day long, which we didn’t get to see on Love Is Blind.

Damian doesn’t spend his days on social as much as Giannina. If you remember from the show, this is an issue they had trouble with. She gave him the smackdown for being on his phone to turn off his music and he turned it around and said she posts on social media all the time.

The two look like they got their issues resolved and it appears that no fighting is taking place during their lockdown time. Is it really all pure bliss?

Love Is Blind: Giannina Gibelli - Damian Powers

Love Is Blind: Who Is Hotter in a Towel? – Giannina Gibelli or Damian Powers?

Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli posted videos themselves in towels online. While Love Is Blind fans say this couple is toxic, they are still very funny and cute together. In the video, Giannina checks herself out in the mirror in her towel.

The video then flips the switch and puts Damian in the towel. Giannina admires him while he dances in the towel.

Quarantine might be driving them crazy, but at least they are staying entertained.

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