‘Love Is Blind’: Kelly Chase and Kenny Never Planned to Marry – Did Netflix Fraud Viewers?

Love Is Blind‘s Kelly Chase and match Kenny Barnes were never going to marry on the Netflix show – did the network fraud viewers? Despite being one of the couples to make it to the altar, it seems they never intended to go through with the marriage process in the end. What else did the former couple reveal?

Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’: Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase Never Going to Marry

Kelly Chase rejected Kenny Barnes at the altar on Love Is Blind. But, based on what the pair recently revealed, it doesn’t look like that rejection was as dramatic as the cameras make it out to be. Turns out the duo were never going through with the marriage process at all.

Kenny Barnes opened up about “seeing the experience through” on Love Is Blind. He said getting married was something they were “never going to do”. So, did Netflix play up their union in front of the cameras on purpose? What else did the pair dish?

Netflix: What the Cameras Didn’t Show

Kenny Barnes revealed that he and bride-to-be Kelly Chase had a number of conversations during the filming process about not marrying. Kenny said they had those talks with Love Is Blind Netflix cameras rolling. So, why did they make it to the altar if they both knew a wedding wasn’t going down?

Certainly, it’s possible Netflix had too much time and resources invested in their story to turn back – not to mention countless hours of footage from the Love Is Blind pair. So, maybe they wanted to use that footage rather than scrap it.

Did Netflix Mislead Love Is Blind Watchers?

Based on what Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes recently said, Love Is Blind production knew before the engagements that the pair had no plans to marry at the end of the experiment. But, even so, it’s clear based on how the season turns out that they filmed them anyway – including the rejection at the altar.

Kenny Barnes said they went through with the process for the sake of the experiment. But, did they have other motivations behind wanting to film Love Is Blind for Netflix? Certainly, the new show is one of the most popular programs on Netflix. And, each of the cast members receive a lot of exposure because of it. Did they film for publicity?

Meanwhile, a popular topic at the reunion taping was where the couples are since filming wrapped. Kenny Barnes is currently in a relationship with someone else while Kelly Chase is single. But, some Love Is Blind watchers feel Kelly regrets letting Kenny get away – despite her saying otherwise.

Kenny Barnes said he stepped away from dating for seven to eight months after filming wrapped. Then he found someone else..

Meanwhile, Kelly said she put herself back out there on the dating scene. But, it doesn’t look like she found Kenny’s replacement just yet.

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