‘Love Is Blind’: Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton – Cutest Couple Quarantine

Love Is Blind‘s Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton aren’t letting the quarantine stop their cuteness. What are they doing while it’s just the two of them with nothing to do and nowhere to go? Continue reading to find out what quarantine looks like for Cameron and wife Lauren.

Netflix’s Love Is Blind: Lauren Speed & Cameron Dominate Social

These two love birds, Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed are definitely fan favorites from the “finding love in a pod” show. Everyone cheered their relationship from the time they said: “I do”. The reunion episode of LIB had fans breathe a sigh of relief. Cam and Lauren are still together — and they still look madly in love.

When you go on their social media accounts, you can see the Love Is Blind duo’s more than happy to share their private lives. Their new YouTube channel Hanging with the Hamiltons is already getting a lot of attention after finishing Love Is Blind.

Love Is Blind: Lauren Speed - Cameron Hamilton

Lauren and Cameron Hamilton Go on Lockdown

These Love Is Blind spouses aren’t afraid to stay inside and make funny videos while hiding from the virus sweeping the nation. Cameron Hamilton joked online about the impending doom of COVID-19. It doesn’t seem they are too worried about what’s going on outside their love bubble.

The Love Is Blind couple made videos where Lauren is hanging on the stairs, twerking and Cameron is smacking it from the back. Their cute little fluff baby Sparks we saw on the Netflix show even got involved with their crazy dance video fun and games.

Fans commented that quarantine isn’t so bad with this Cameron and Lauren sending their favorite clips of their favorite couple. See the pics above and below for some of their wild action while they’re bored and stuck in the house. While many people are home binging Love Is Blind, these two are shaking their booties.

Lauren Speed - Cameron Hamilton

Love Is Blind: I Wasn’t Really Happy Before I Met You

During their stay in Mexico, Cameron Hamilton said he wasn’t really happy before he met Lauren Speed. Fans could tell the scientist was a little rigid — but unhappy? Did you hear all the fans go “Awwww”? While filming Love Is Blind, they mentioned the difficulty of an interracial relationship, but fans embraced their diversity.

And these two proved that Love Is Blind and color blind. And it’s the best thing Lauren Speed and her happy hubby Cameron Hamilton experienced. They are in love. And fans are in love with their love. It seems like they are in it for the long haul. No heartbreaks ahead for these two cute kids.

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