‘Love Is Blind’: Matt Barnett Is Amber Pike’s Meal Ticket Fans Say

Netflix’s Love is Blind‘s Matt Barnett and Amber Pike were a hot pair on the show after their engagement. Amber made it clear that she needed intimacy (on a daily basis) as a requirement for their marriage. She also dropped a bomb that she has makeup credit card debt and student loans. Is she using Matt as her meal ticket? Continue reading to find out more.

Is Love Is Blind’s Amber Pike In It for the Money?

Love Is Blind fans are concerned that Amber Pike is just in it for the money. Her loud personality puts a lot of people off and when she told Barnett about the debt it was an eyebrow-raiser for fans. You’ll find some of the fans are still chanting that he should run.

However, Amber’s debt on her only credit card is only a few hundred dollars. And, Matt Barnett also has student loans.

Throughout the Netflix show Love Is Blind, Amber Pike kept saying she wanted to be a stay at home mother. The only problem is they don’t have any kids for her to stay at home with. Many were chanting she should go to work until the baby bundle gets there to take some stress off of engineer Barnett.

Amber Pike said Love Is Blind was edited to only reflect everything negative about her situation. She said the comment about wanting to stay at home was talk about her future once she did have children with Barnett

Love Is Blind: Amber Pike - Matt Barnett

Netflix’s Love Is Blind: Matt Barnett & Amber Pike Still Going Strong

Everyone had to do a double-take when the Love Is Blind reunion episode came on. Who is that blond with Matt Barnett? It was Amber Pike with a fresh new look. Fans quickly fell in love with the new look, but others don’t think she measures up.

After getting married on Love Is Blind, the two went on what Matt Barnett called their year of fun. They’ve done everything from comic-cons to traveling and meeting up with Barnett’s mom. Amber Pike said they had a rocky start. But now, it doesn’t look like there were any regrets after the wedding.

Love Is Blind: Amber Pike - Matt Barnett

What’s Next for Amber Pike and Matt Barnett?

Matt and Amber haven’t mentioned any plans for starting a family after Love Is Blind. They seem to have enough to keep them busy getting themselves dressed for special events and taking care of their fur baby. While there’s no mention of Amber getting a job, it doesn’t seem like it’s out of the question.

In the show, she mentioned she did have a job through the military as a tank mechanic. After a hard experience with a past relationship and pregnancy termination, she had a tough time getting back on her feet. Will Amber swim on her own or will she use Barnett as a life vest? Only time will tell.

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