‘Love Is Blind’: Are Matt Barnett and Amber Pike Still Together?

Love Is Blind‘s Matt Barnett and Amber Pike were one of the hottest couples on the show. We saw a lot of skin, makeout sessions, and they were together at the reunion. But is this saucy couple still together or are they split?

Love Is Blind: Matt Barnett Keeps His Babe

People had their doubts about how things were going to work out with Matt Barnett from Love Is Blind. Many people were negative about their relationship. Some people said that Amber was just using Barnett for his money. But it looks like the couple is very happy together.

Barnett looks like he’s found the perfect woman to nerd out with him. You’ll find them wielding lightsabers, poke balls, and more. On the reunion, they did say that things were a little hard on them throughout the first year. Especially since they weren’t able to talk about their relationship or post about it on social media.

Love Is Blind: Amber Pike - Matt Barnett

Amber Pike Is Enjoying Life With Her Husband

People had their doubts about Amber Pike of Love Is Blind on Netflix and how she was going to do as a wife. It looks like Amber is happy and she’s keeping her man happy too. Fans noticed she definitely got an upgrade in the hair and makeup department. She’s always done her best to look sexy. But now she’s amping it up a notch or two.

Some people were rooting for Amber and Barnett to fail. But many fans were excited to see if love was truly blind. Barnett and wife Amber were one of two couples that said yes on the show, even though one of the couples did end up getting back together and are dating after the show.

Love Is Blind: Amber Pike - Matt Barnett

What’s Going On With This Love Is Blind Marriage?

It seems like the Love Is Blind love birds are enjoying their best lives. There doesn’t seem to be any talk of children. It doesn’t look like either Matt Barnett or Amber Pike want to have kids at this point. They are still in their 20s so there is plenty of time to decide whether they want a family or not.

Barnett’s dog seems to be enough of a child for this couple. He even has his own online following. It looks like the house pup is pretty happy with the marriage as well and welcomed Amber into his furry heart.

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