‘Love Is Blind’: Wife Amber Pike More of a Man than Matt Barnett He Says

Love Is Blind‘s Amber Pike and Matt Barnett were a controversial couple on the show. And let’s not forget about that love triangle between Amber, Jessica Batten, and Barnett. Okay, who are we kidding? There wasn’t a love triangle there. Jessica just wanted Barnett.

Love Is Blind: Matt Barnett Gives Props to His Wife

Matt Barnett was the ‘bro’ on Love Is Blind. But it doesn’t look like he’s keeping his status. He says that his wife Amber Pike is more of a man than he is. Why is that? Because she’s taking some time out to build some things for their new apartment.

One of the things Amber Pike is building is a wardrobe for Matt Barnett’s clothes. It seems like he wouldn’t mind helping. But she isn’t going to have it. She knows what she’s doing and she doesn’t want him to get in the way.

Matt Barnett is probably more than capable himself of putting together furniture. He does after-all have an engineering degree from Georgia Tech, one of the world’s top engineering schools. But he’s man enough not to get in the way of his Love Is Blind wife as she does the work. Let’s not forget, she is a former tank mechanic.

Another way that Matt Barnett gave his wife props was by buying her a cake. Apparently those student debts everyone was talking about after watching Love Is Blind on Netflix are paid in full now. Some fans were asking if she did it through her income or if Matt Barnett took care of it. As a married couple, it’s no one’s business and it seems like they worked it out.

Love Is Blind: Amber Pike

Amber Pike Put Her Buffness to the Test

One of the things Love Is Blind fans found funny through the show was that Amber Pike scared Matt Barnett. She worked on tanks in the Army and he didn’t want to make her angry. It doesn’t seem like they have much to fight about, so everything has been pretty chill. At least, as far as we can see.

We’ve seen a series of photos of Amber Pike putting things together in their new apartment. Remember that they lived in Matt’s house in the beginning. People were pretty nasty to Amber. They called her the hot hobo. But it seems like Barnett is really happy with the choice they made.

While they couldn’t post anything on social media right after the show, the couple went off for a year of fun. What does a year of fun entail? Was it more building for Amber Pike of Love Is Blind and more gaming for Matt Barnett?

Love Is Blind: Amber Pike

Will There Be Love Is Blind Babies?

Love Is Blind Netflix fans think Amber and husband Barnett might beat the only other couple from the show to parenthood status. The other day Amber put a video up that showed both her and Barnett’s eyes. She said that their future kids are going to have beautiful eyes. It looks like babies are in the forecast.

Keep in mind that everything wasn’t always rosy for Barnett and Amber Pike. In fact, this Love Is Blind couple almost ended up in divorce before the reunion. It seemed like everything was mostly smooth by the time they were to the reunion. But we can’t be sure.

Whatever happened during their year of fun, it seems like they were able to work through it. The couple is having fun co-parenting Barnett’s dog now. And hanging out with their friends.

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