‘Love is Blind’ Diamond Rejects Carlton Again After Reunion Show – Verbal Abuse Triggers Her

Love Is Blind cast member Diamond Jack rejected Carlton Morton a second time following the reunion show. Did re-watching the verbal abuse from him trigger her? The Netflix pair had one of the more explosive storylines on the show. And, Carlton opening up about his sexuality draws mixed reactions from viewers. Will Diamond ever take him back?

Netflix’s Love Is Blind: Things End in Tears for Carlton Morton & Diamond Jack

Things took a turn for the worse early on Love Is Blind for Diamond Jack and love interest Carlton Morton. Not long after arriving in Mexico, tension built between the new love birds. And, things escalated further when Carlton came clean to Diamond about his sexuality.

Carlton Morton hid the fact that he’s bisexual from Diamond Jack in the pods. And, things really hit the fan in Mexico when he came clean to her about being intimate with other men. It was a vulnerable moment for Carlton. And, when Diamond didn’t take the news well, he lashed out. Meanwhile, on Diamond’s end, she didn’t like that he kept this a secret from her.

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Carlton and Diamond come face-to-face for the first time since their big break up in our reunion, premiering tomorrow.

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LIB: Diamond Rejects Carlton – Are They Over for Good?

Diamond Jack shed tears at the Love Is Blind reunion taping watching her scenes back with Carlton Morton. Meanwhile, Carlton revealed he got death threats since appearing on the Netflix show. He feels he deserves some of the backlash. But, some Love Is Blind watchers take things too far.

Carlton apologized to Diamond at the reunion show and gave her back her ring as a symbol of friendship. Even so, there’s a lot of hurt on both sides. And, it doesn’t look like they’ll get back together despite some Love Is Blind watchers rooting for that outcome.

What’s Next for the Love Is Blind Exes?

Carlton Morton wants another shot with Love Is Blind ex Diamond Jack. But, even though Diamond doesn’t want to go that route with him, they seem to at least be on good terms since filming wrapped. There’s a year and a half gap between when the show filmed and when it aired. And, even though some things are still raw, it seems that gave them both time to process what they went through on the show.

Interestingly, Carlton Morton still wants to date his former fiance. But, she feels the level of disrespect he showed her while filming is too much to overcome. Diamond Jack opened up about verbal and physical abuse in her family. And, how that escalated into something more severe over time for her aunt. She went on to say her aunt is “not here anymore to talk about it”. So, it’s clear the disrespect from Carlton really hit close to home for her.

So, despite Carlton’s good intentions, this definitely seems like the end of the road for the Love Is Blind pair. At the very least, they seem to be civil with one another since filming wrapped. And, it turns out they are both wiling to give love a chance with other people in the future.

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