‘Love Is Blind’: Lauren and Cameron Drop Pregnancy Hint

Love Is Blind‘s Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton are one of the hottest couples from the Netflix hit show. We knew during filming they talked about wanting to have kids. Cameron was very open about wanting children. Recently Lauren shared her pregnancy plans.

Netflix’s Love Is Blind: Is Lauren Speed Pregnant?

Love is Blind fans wait excitedly to see an adorable Speed-Hamilton baby. Is Lauren pregnant? When will they have kids? The Love Is Blind couple shares that is the number one question from fans and from their family. Lauren Speed’s mother is very excited about having grandbabies.

Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed recently said that they are not pregnant and are not trying to have a baby right now. BUT, they also said that a baby could be in the near future within the next year.

Right now there are a lot of opportunities and they are getting very busy. However, now that they are locked inside and and those other opportunities are going away, things might change.

Love Is Blind: Cameron - Lauren

Cameron Hamilton and Wife Share Their Love Languages

Another one of the top questions from Love Is Blind viewers is about how they show love to each other. How does the couple show their love to each other? What makes them tick?

Lauren Speed shared she loves it when Cameron does things for her. Deeds is one of hers. She also loves spending quality time together and the same goes for Cameron. But he really perked up when he shared that his top one is touch and Lauren asked him more about why he liked it with a little smirk.

Love Is Blind: Cameron - Lauren

What’s Next for Love Is Blind Sweethearts Lauren & Cameron?

No one can get enough of this cute couple. Everyone wants to know what is next for Lauren Speed and husband Cameron Hamilton. Will they continue to share their life with fans? Will they get their own reality show? With so many opportunities coming at them, viewers hope they get to come along for the ride.

The answer is that they are going to keep sharing their relationship online. They are considering other opportunities. But they aren’t going to let fame get in between them and their relationship. They said they are used to the limelight because of past experiences and they know how to handle it and keep their relationship strong.

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