‘Love After Lockup’ Recap: Michael Attempts To Cut Megan Loose – Can He Do It?

This Love After Lockup recap shows the drama intensifies as Michael‘s mother tells him he must get rid of Megan. Also, Tracie is back behind bars and finally reaches out to Clint. Elsewhere, Lizzie goes shopping for her wedding dress with a reluctant Jazmyne. Brittany hosts a birthday bash for Marcellino but things get out of control. Plus, Matt supports Caitlin when she gets devastating news. Here’s what went down on last night’s Love After Lockup. 

Love After Lockup: Michael’s Mama Doesn’t Approve Of Megan

On Love After Lockup Michael’s mom kept quiet about his secret affair with Megan. Now, enough is enough and she tells her son how it is. His mama says it’s time to man up and focus on his family. She reminds him that Sarah is the one that is always there for him.

Additionally, she says she believes Sarah is the one for him and this is what’s best for their daughter, Avianna. Michael seems to agree and says he plans to break it off with Megan. Will he have the guts to do it on Love After Lockup?

Love After Lockup: Tracie Back In Jail – Clint Remains Loyal

On Love After Lockup Clint finally hears from Tracie only to learn that she’s locked up again. She apologized for her addiction and told Clint she never meant to leave him. It turns out she even got a jailhouse tattoo on her left ring finger to prove her love.

Of course, Clint is thrilled to hear that Tracie still wants to be with him. However, they have no idea how long she will be locked up. Tracie said he could come to visit her as soon as the next day so naturally, he jumped at the chance.

Marcellino’s Party Gets Heated – Brittany Is Keeping A Secret

Brittany throws a fortieth birthday party for Marcellino on Love After Lockup but it doesn’t take long for the drama to begin. Brittany invited her ex-girlfriend Amanda who in turn brought a date. Amanda’s plus one got off to a rocky start with Marcellino and the two had words.

She approached Brittany to tell her that her boyfriend’s views and opinions are disgusting and she wants to punch him in the face. Certainly, this outraged Brittany so she grabbed her BFF Sascha to go outside and help her calm down.

She told Sascha that her first instinct is to fight but she can’t. That’s when she confided in her friend that she’s pregnant and hasn’t told Marcellino, or anyone, yet.

Caitlin Suffers A Tragic Loss On LAL

On a sad note on Love After Lockup, Caitlin received the tragic news that her mother Vickie passed away. Caitlin did not have the best relationship with her mom due to Vickie’s longtime drug addiction. When she told Vickie about her and Matt, Vickie admitted that she didn’t approve.

So, Caitlin moved out and she couldn’t bring herself to maintain a relationship with her mother. Unfortunately, the last time they saw each other wasn’t the best and now Caitlin regrets her actions. Matt is doing his best to comfort her and certainly, many fans hearts are with her during this terrible time on LAL. 

Lizzie Prepares To Marry Scott

This week on Love After Lockup, Lizzie goes against her daughter Jazmyne’s wishes and begins planning her wedding to Scott. Jazmyne wants her mom to be independent and stand on her own. However, Lizzie doesn’t think she can do it by herself. She would rather Scott take care of her.

But, Scott may not be able to offer Lizzie as much stability as she thinks because he’s already gone broke supporting her. Lizzie is on cloud nine but she’s sure to come crashing down when she discovers that Scott is practically penniless. Will she stay with him?

Things are certainly getting more complex for these ex-cons and their loyal loved ones. Will Michael cut Megan loose? How long will Brittany keep her pregnancy a secret? Stay tuned to WE TV Friday’s at 9 PM to keep up with your LAL faves.

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