Love After Lockup: Scott Drops Lizzie Bombshell on Instagram

Love After Lockup‘s Scott claims he has proof that Lizzie treats him bad but says he still loves her. On the WE TV series, it certainly looks like Lizzie is still taking advantage of him. A recently leaked Instagram direct message seems to show Lizzie breaking things off with her LAL BF. Scott says he will reveal more information about their relationship after the next episode airs. So, what’s the latest and what tea will Scott spill on his ex-jailhouse lovebird?

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Dumps Scott?

Recently leaked Insta DM’s allegedly reveal Lizzie splitting up with Scott. In her messages, she cited money as the root of evil in their relationship. She also said she had a long talk with God before deciding to split with him. It’s certainly interesting that Lizzie had this revelation only after Scott was broke and in debt. In a similar vein, she also claims she’s a born-again virgin. She cited this as the reason for not having sex with Scott.

Many Love After Lockup viewers see this as a little too convenient on Lizzie’s part. She seemingly had no issues siphoning over $90k from Scott when she was locked up and needed money for drugs. Did she use him to get ahead after getting out of prison as well? Perhaps she doesn’t need him now that his funds are gone and she’s got a stable setup post-prison.

Love After Lockup: Scott Hints at Big Reveal

Although Lizzie is posting online daily, Scott is relatively quiet when it comes to online posts. His IG account only has seven posts. That said, one of his recent posts is a big one. Scott wrote: “After the show on Friday I will be posting proof on how I get treated and I still Love her”. At this point, it’s unclear what “proof” Scott will post. On the other hand, it’s enough of a teaser to keep viewers curious about what Scott has up his sleeve.

Love After Lockup fans have only seen Scott and Lizzie’s relationship through the WE TV camera lens. What goes on behind the scenes in their relationship may be entirely different. In that regard, that makes this impending reveal that much more intriguing. What does he have on Lizzie that he’s been keeping close to the vest? What’s also interesting is the fact that he admitted to still loving her. The show is edited to make it seem that Lizzie played him from the beginning.

Love After Lockup: Scott

Lizzie Addresses Split Rumors on Social Media

Lizzie posted a video on Instagram addressing the rumors of the split. She encouraged viewers to watch Love After Lockup in order to find out the truth. She claims “that’s where the truth is at”. But fans know how much is real on reality TV is questionable at best.

There isn’t much revealed here other than the fact that fans should tune in to the show to find out what really went down. In light of this, it certainly makes his upcoming reveal that much more interesting. Will Scott divulge something that Lizzie doesn’t want getting out?

Catch an all-new episode Friday at 9:00 pm only on WE TV.

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