‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie Fires Back at Haters on Facebook

Love After Lockup‘s Tracie Wagaman is a target among fans online. In addition, she came under fire recently for openly admitting to smoking crack. Viewers suspected she was back on the pipe after recent pictures surfaced. Tracie is considerably thinner than she was when her season of LAL filmed. Many chalked it up to drug-induced weight loss. Recently, Tracie took to social media to rail against her detractors.

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman Fires Back at Critics

Tracie Wagaman openly admitted online that she smokes crack recreationally. It seems she doesn’t think of it as a bad thing. Moreover, most Love After Lockup viewers have a different take. In response to the backlash, she took to Facebook and fired back at her critics. Tracie accused Love After Lockup fans of following all her social media accounts just to “talk sh**” about her. According to her, all of the hate isn’t going to bring her down. Interestingly, she pre-empted some of the backlash by encouraging readers to screenshot her post. It looks like she attempted to stay one step ahead of her critics.

Tracie Wagaman accused viewers of trolling her posts for fodder to criticize. She wrote: “It’s just sad that I can admit to my addiction and all u do is laugh and put me down.” It seems her vitriol is only for trolls and haters. She ended her post with a shout-out to fans and those struggling with addiction. In addition, she included the hashtag “#mfcrack”. It’s not clear whether Tracie is glorifying her drug of choice or denouncing it.

Love After Lockup: Tracie Facebook

Mixed Reactions from Love After Lockup Followers

Tracie Wagaman made the post public on Facebook. But, due to this, there’s a mix of both critics and supporters on the post. Some commenters seem genuinely happy that she is open about her struggles and her drug habit. Others criticized her further as an attention-seeker. One user wrote: “Do you think admitting to your problem makes you noble? You ran off on your husband, stole from him, and sent him thousands of dollars into debt.”

Along with the critics, there are people that support the Love After Lockup cast member. Some viewers admire the fact that Tracie Wagaman is open and honest about her drug use. Others commented with the “haters gonna hate” mantra. Interestingly, there aren’t any comments from Clint. Could there be trouble in paradise for the LAL couple?

Is Tracie Playing a Dangerous Game?

Tracie Wagaman being open about her drug use presents an interesting situation. For instance, she recently completed a prison stint on January 3. For a repeated offender, she’s surprisingly open about her crack habit. Further, she admitted in a recently released Love After Lockup deleted scene that she has a problem staying out of jail.

While some viewers commend her for talking about her use of drugs, it could come back to bite her down the road. In addition, with how much time Tracie Wagaman has spent behind bars, fans wonder if she can keep herself out of trouble long-term.

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