Love After Lockup: Megan Shows Off Revenge Body – Fires Back at Haters

Love After Lockup viewers see Megan as an innocent woman that fell for convict Michael Simmons. Many fans of the show think she was naive for trusting and waiting on Michael throughout the season. On a daily basis, fans talk about how Michael played Megan. It looks like he stuck with wife Sarah, then got carted back off to jail, and is now back home. As for Megan, she’s showing off her new slimmer body on Instagram. She also fired back at all the negativity sent her way. What’s the latest – and is she trying to get back on Michael Simmons love radar?

Love After Lockup: Megan’s Jaw-Dropping Weight Loss

Megan took to Instagram to share a recent photo. In it, it’s clear that she lost a significant amount of weight – 70 pounds to be exact. In the image caption, Megan fired back at an anonymous user that wrote a nasty comment about it. She said that this is the first photo she shared since going on this weight loss journey. She added that she used to weigh 280 pounds.

In addition, she said she’s proud of the way she looks now. She also fired back at all the body shamers: “No one can make me feel bad about my body because I know where I came from and I know where tf I’m going”. At the moment, where she’s going and who she’s going with is unclear. But, despite all the hate thrown at her for her previous weight and for seemingly being the side chick on Love After Lockup, she’s definitely come through all of it stronger (and leaner).

Love After Lockup: Megan

Love After Lockup: Is Megan Trying to Win Michael Simmons From Sarah?

What’s also unclear is whether this is a revenge body or whether she’s trying to get Michael Simmons back. Perhaps she dropped the weight to put Michael and Love After Lockup behind her. Is it a symbolic gesture to let go of all the baggage and land someone new? Megan recently shared a photo on IG taken from Michael and Megan’s time at Niagara Falls. She reflected on the memory fondly, leaving some viewers thinking that she’s still in love with repeat offender Michael.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that she did it completely for herself and not for anyone else. Perhaps being in the spotlight and on television was enough motivation to make a lifestyle change. Many viewers commented about her weight and poked fun. Reality TV fans can be brutal, after all. It’s possible that this is a way for her to adopt a healthier lifestyle and clap back at her Love After Lockup critics at the same time.

Where is Michael Simmons?

At the moment it’s unclear where Michael fits into all of this. It’s possible that he’s no longer in the picture at all. Michael  Simmons recently did an IG live video. In it, he talked about being out of prison once again. He also fired back at his critics. Comments ranged from telling him to do right by Megan to calling the Love After Lockup felon a “virginity stealer”.

He laughed at the stealer comment and when asked who the woman was heard on the video in the background, Michael Simmons made it clear it’s his sister. With more recent legal troubles, now he’s out and perhaps staying out is his focus. He didn’t go into detail on his video about either Megan or Sarah. It’s possible that they’re all staying quiet until the current season wraps then we’ll find out who Michael Simmons chose and whether Megan’s rocking a revenge bod.

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