‘Love After Lockup’: Caitlin Refuses to Bail Out Matt in Recent Meth Arrest

Love After Lockup star Caitlin Gainer refused to bail out ex-fiance Matt Frasier after his recent meth arrest. Matt is no stranger when it comes to breaking the law. He has been in trouble with the law many times before and after appearing on Love After Lockup. After Matt’s latest arrest, Caitlin made it known she will not bail him out this time.

Love After Lockup – Caitlin Gainer Not Helping Matt Frasier With Bail

Caitlin Gainer has helped Matt Frasier get bail money in the past. However, after Matt’s most recent arrest, Caitlin she refuses to help the Love After Lockup alums again. Caitlin and Matt are no longer together. Therefore, there is no need for Caitlin to help Matt when he finds himself in jail. Caitlin has done what she could in the past to help her ex-lover. Now Caitlin is over his antics and is moving on from him.

The Love After Lockup reality star replied to a fan comment about Matt’s recent arrest. The fan commented “did you bail out Matt on Friday?” Caitlin Gainer responded with “nope.” Fans were happy that she walked away from him. One fan wrote “you are way too good for him. I love you walked away from him.” Many fans are glad that Caitlin was able to walk away from him and show “other women how to be strong and independent.”

Love After Lockup: Caitlin Gainer

Love After Lockup Celeb Arrested For Meth Possession

Love After Lockup‘s Matt Frasier was pulled over in Tenino, Washington last month. He was initially on the officer’s radar for having expired tags. However, he was also driving with a suspended license. He was handcuffed and searched by the officer. During the search, the officer found a bag with a white substance inside of it. After doing a field test, the substance was identified as methamphetamine.

The Love After Lockup alum has had many run-ins with the law. Matt Frasier has been in and out of jail for most of his life. His lengthy rap sheet includes burglary, drug possession and retail theft charges. Earlier this year he was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle.

Matt Frasier and Caitlin Gainer Are No Longer Together

Caitlin Gainer and Matt Frasier didn’t have a good start to their relationship. Caitlin was no longer welcome at her mother’s house. She had no choice but to move in with his mom, which didn’t go down well with Matt. The couple got into numerous fights. Caitlin did her best to keep him out of trouble. However, he wouldn’t work and went back to his old ways.

The Love After Lockup couple couldn’t fix their relationship and ultimately split up. Since their split, Matt is still the same person getting in to trouble. While Caitlin Gainer seems to be focusing on herself. According to her social media account, she is happy and has no relation with her ex-fiance. The couple will also not appear on the spin-off show Life After Lockup.

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