‘Love After Lockup’: Which Couples Are Still Together From Season 2?

Love After Lockup spoilers for Season 2 ask – Which couples are still together? After only 8 episodes there has been much drama and secrets revealed between couples like Caitlin Gainer and Matt Frasier. New couples will appear as well as more scenes of the current couples.

Love After Lockup – Megan and Michael and Sarah

Michael has returned to prison on drug charges. The love triangle between Michael, Megan, and Sarah is over. However, it is not clear which women Michael ended up with. It is possible that both women have moved on from Michael. What is known is that Sarah and Megan recently had a war of words on Twitter, Michael’s sister even jumped in to insult Megan. Right after the spat Megan deleted her accounts.

Marcelino and Brittany

Brittany and Marcelino seem to have the strongest relationship now. They couple wed and welcomed a baby on January 1st. While several Love After Lockup fans expressed their sincere best wishes to Brittany, many worry that Marcelino was too controlling. However, Brittany took to social media to defend him and their relationship. Both have recently posted photos of the couple with Brittany’s son, Giovanni, from a previous relationship looking happy.

Update: Since the writing of this article, Brittany and Marcelino have had their child and are now married.

Matt Frasier and Caitlin Gainer

Caitlin and Matt are still together. However, he has had several run ins with the law. Matt had two different car accidents while driving Caitlin’s vehicle. Matt was driving on a suspended license and he has broken the terms of his probation by his actions. A recent police report also indicates that Matt is accused of possession of a stolen vehicle related to one of the accidents. While Caitlin always told Love After Lockup viewers she would end the relationship if Matt goes back to prison, it seems she is sticking by her man.

Update: Matt Frasier and Caitlin Gainer are no longer together. Matt has a new girlfriend that he is living with.

Love After Lockup – Scott and Lizzie

Lizzie has been very active on Instagram with no mention of Scott. Love After Lockup followers have noticed she is not wearing her engagement ring. Several social media sites have reported that Scott borrowed most of the money he used to fund Lizzie’s heroin addiction from his elderly parents. It seems Lizzie’s daughter got her wish and this couple is no longer together.

Clint and Tracie

Clint and Tracie are Love After Lockup’s most volatile couple. Tracie went back to jail soon after their marriage. When Clint went to visit her he smelled of marijuana and the police searched his car. After his arrest for possession of marijuana Clint posted on Twitter that he broke up with Tracie.

However, current rumors show the couple are back together and are back to filming the show. But it seems like Tracie is trying to sell her wedding ring online. In the post for the ad, there is what appears to be a crack pipe in the background.

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