‘Love After Lockup’: Caitlin Gainer Addresses Troubled Past – Marriages, Children and Addictions

Love After Lockup star Caitlin Gainer addresses her troubled past on social media. She admits to previous marriages, having a child and her struggles with addiction. Fans watched as Caitlin entered into a relationship with a felon. Matt Fraiser spent years in and out of jail throughout his life. Caitlin seemed to be exactly what Matt needed. However, their relationship got messy when Matt wasn’t doing everything he promised he would. While the show was airing information about Caitlin’s past became public. Now Caitlin Gainer is coming clean about it all.

Love After Lockup – Caitlin Gainer Admits To Failed Marriages

Getting proposed to by Matt Fraiser was not the first time Caitlin Gainer thought about marriage. Soap Dirt previously reported on her two husbands and her past due child support issues. In a recent social media post, Caitlin admits that she has had previous failed marriages and relationships. She has not had good experiences when it comes to finding her forever partner. However, she isn’t letting her failed relationships stop her from finding love, which is why she gave Matt Fraiser a chance.

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I’m going thru it today.. so, for anyone with any questions… or anyone that is “hating” because they think they know what’s gone on in MY life, from viewing a very small window of it on television. Yes, I’ve had failed relationships/marriages. Yes, I do have an INCREDIBLE child, that I DO NOT have custody of, he is however in the VERY BEST place he could possibly be. Yes, I have had many struggles in life with many things including a major struggle with an addiction to alcohol. I also battle a pretty good case of anxiety/depression on the the daily. I’ve been through some shit y’all, we all have… but I’m sitting here today, not drunk, doing the best that I can to clean up whatever messes have been made and get my feet on a more stable ground. Trying to learn and grow from what I’ve been through, and become stronger because of it. Better. One day at a time. Checking one thing at a time off my list. Life is hard y’all, but I’m trying. I’m not here to be perfect, just real. Anyone salty can just go find themselves a cookie, or two. 🍪❤️🍪❤️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️#courageously_caitlin #alwaysallways #perfectlyimperfect #pnw #imjustme #itsokaynottobeokay #keeponkeepinon #positivitypolice #onedayatatime #loveeverday #loveafterlockup #loveafterlockupwetv @loveafterlockup_wetv @wetv @loveafterlockupwetv

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The Love After Lockup personality also address the speculation that she has a child. She admits that she does have a son. However, she does not have custody of her child. She says that “he is in the very best place he could possible be.” At the time she was not in the best state to take care of a child. She did what was best for her son.

Struggled With Addiction and Mental Health

Caitlin Gainer has had a lot of rough times in her life. She was raised around her drug-addicted mom. She admits that she never had a good relationship with her mom. Unfortunately, Caitlin was never able to rebuild her relationship with her mother because she recently passed away. Like her mom, Caitlin also was addicted to alcohol.

The Love After Lockup alum also addresses the fact that she battled with mental illnesses. She suffers from anxiety and depression on the daily. Dealing with a mental illness played a huge role in how she would live her life. Alcohol can make the problems worse. On the other hand, depression and anxiety can make someone want to drink more.

Making Positive Changes For Future

Despite her rough past, the Love After Lockup celeb made the necessary changes to get her life back on track. She writes “I’m sitting here today, not drunk, doing the best that I can.” She is doing whatever she can to clean up the messes she made in her past. Caitlin Gainer wants to be able to get back on her feet and be stable. She takes what she went through in the past and learns and grows from it.

Catilin Gainer appears to have been struggling for some time. In 2014 she was evicted from her apartment and sued for $865 in past due rent. However, Love After Lockup cast members are well paid for their time on the show. So she may be back on her feet financially.

Love After Lockup: Caitlin Gainer - Eviction

Caitlin Gainer says she will not let her past define who she is today. She states that people claim to know her when they have only seen a small piece of her life on the Love After Lockup show. Caitlin admits that life is hard, but she’s trying to do better. She acknowledges that she is not perfect. However, her haters can “just go find themselves a cookie, or two.”

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