‘Love After Lockup’: Caitlin Gainer Married Twice and Behind on Child Support?

Love After Lockup cast member Caitlin Gainer says she wants to marry Matt Frasier and have his children. But Caitlin is married already — more than once! She also has at least one child. Not only that. Civil records list her hitched still to hubby number two.

On the Love After Lockup episode when her mother died, Caitlin told Matt that he’s her only family now. That’s a strange comment. Considering she has a child already – and a man to whom she was still married, at least as of the start of filming for LAL Season 2.

Love After Lockup: Caitlin Gainer Married A Couple of Times Already

Washington State public records show that Love After Lockup’s Caitlin Gainer was married not just once, but twice before. It’s interesting that her previous marriages are not mentioned on the WE tv show. Especially since she can’t stop talking about marrying meth addicted Matt Frasier.

In June 2006, Caitlin married a man named Malcolm. It was a short-lived marriage. They divorced by May 2008. From there, Malcolm seems to have moved on from the failed marriage. Since divorcing Caitlin, he’s remarried and graduated from college.

LAL Caitlin Has a Type – Felon!

After divorcing Malcolm, Caitlin Gainer got hitched right away to a guy named Daniel in June of 2008. Plus, there is no record showing they ever divorced. So, hubby two looks to still be married to the Love After Lockup. All while searching for inmate love online and moving in with Matt and his mom. A records check of her second husband, Daniel, shows he has a lengthy criminal record.

Her second husband’s arrests include DUI, theft, probation violation, and drugs. It seems like Caitlin has a type: repeat felonious offenders… But, one charge that stands out on her husband’s rap sheet is a 2015 arrest for “Domestic Violence by Strangulation”. If her dearly beloved choked her out, Matt doesn’t look so bad now in comparison.

Court Records Show Caitlin Behind in Child Support

Caitlin Gainer’s shocking marriage history is one thing. But now it turns out, the WE tv show ignored a child she has and plays it like she’s ready to start a family. More so, it appears that her baby daddy wants some of that Love After Lockup money.

Love After Lockup: Caitlin Gainer Child Support
Love After Lockup: Caitlin Gainer Child Support

It appears Caitlin Gainer does not have custody of her child because in April 2018, the Washington State Division of Child Support (DCS) filed a lien against her for $1,295 for past-due child support. Paying support means the other parent has the kid in most states.

Don’t forget – other Love After Lockup cast members including her boyfriend Matt Frasier and Clint Brady’s wife Tracie Wagaman have children not seen or mentioned on the show. It looks like there’s much more to these people than shown on the WE tv docu-series.

Caitlin Had a Hard Life Prior to Love After Lockup

Since her first episode of Love After Lockup, it was obvious to fans that Caitlin Gainer has not had an easy life. She grew up with a drug-addicted mother in a broken home. Her mom kicked her out When she started dating Matt. Husband number two wasn’t around either as far as viewers could see.

Also, her landlord evicted her in August of 2014, over back rent and fees of $950, prove court records from Washington state. Both parents died. And now, she lives with a convicted felon in his mother’s house. Now, it turns out she also has a child and owes back support to the kid’s dad.

Meanwhile on LAL, Matt Frasier has once again landed himself in jail again. Matt won’t commit either. To be fair, she’s probably married to another guy. He refuses to get a job and she can’t seem to catch a break.

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