‘Love After Lockup’: Matt Frasier Gets Cozy with Another Woman – Where is Caitlin?

Love After Lockup‘s Matt Frasier recently updated his social media with a new profile pic. But, that’s not what got fans’ attention. It’s the fact that the woman in the snap isn’t Caitlin. Where does she fit into all of this and who is the mystery woman?

Love After Lockup: Matt Frasier Over Caitlin?

Are Matt Frasier and Caitlin over? He has had problems since his release on Love After Lockup. Matt has a temper and doesn’t like others controlling him. In addition, Caitlin recently lost her mother. Caitlin had a strained relationship with her. Still, it’s possible that the weight of that loss combined with his criminal ways got to be too much to handle.

Matt Frasier openly admitted on Love After Lockup to being an unstable person. Meanwhile, Caitlin always seemed to want to build a life with him. Perhaps she believed that once he was out and with her, she could help him get back on the straight and narrow. But, when one of his buddies tried to get him a job, Matt nearly came to blows with his new boss. Was there a final straw for Caitlin?

Love After Lockup: Who is the Mystery Woman?

Right now it’s unclear who this mystery woman is and what her relationship is to Matt Frasier. He recently updated his profile picture and changed it to a snap of the pair of them together. They look very cozy in the photo. They’re close together with her face against his chest. His chin rests on her head. Most LAL fans suspect that this is the convicted felon’s new woman. At first glance, they certainly look like an item.

There’s a mix of reactions from Love After Lockup followers regarding this mystery woman situation. One user wrote: “Maybe he stole Caitlin’s truck one too many times”. Many others are relieved at the thought of Caitlin being out of this situation. There are also a handful of nasty comments calling both Matt and Caitlin unflattering names. Others wonder how an unemployed felon like Matt continues to land women.

Love After Lockup: Matt Fraiser Instagram

Where Things Go from Here

Right now, the identity of the woman with Matt Frasier in the photo is unknown. Interestingly, Caitlin said after her mother died that Matt was the only family she had left. If this new woman is his new girlfriend, then Caitlin doesn’t even have Matt anymore. Hopefully, more information will come to light on this situation in the coming days. Love After Lockup fans are certainly eager to know more about this woman and what went down between Matt and Caitlin.

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