Love After Lockup: Scott Debuts New Look – Is He Trying to Win Lizzie Back?

Love After Lockup‘s Scott recently revealed that he would drop a bombshell for viewers after the most recent episode. This is amid the Lizzie and Scott split rumors. Many viewers believe that Lizzie is just using Scott. He also said he’d reveal how Lizzie truly treats him. What’s the latest on their relationship?

Love After Lockup: Scott Debuts New Look

One of the first major surprises Scott revealed was his new look. Scott’s teeth are a constant topic among Love After Lockup viewers. His look inspires countless memes and jokes poking fun at his chompers. That all changed when Scott debuted his new look. He got his teeth fixed and he flashed his designer smile on Instagram. It’s quite a transformation, and many viewers were shocked by the change.

Further, on an Instagram live video, posted that he got Lizzie a dog. In addition, he begged her to unblock his phone number so he can call her. It certainly looks like Scott is doing everything he can to try and win Lizzie back. The question on a lot of fans’ minds is whether or not all of this will work. Will Scott and Lizzie get back together?

Love After Lockup: Scott Instagram

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Responds to Scott

It didn’t take long for Lizzie to respond. Interestingly, she said that Scott blocked her on IG. She pointed out the fact that if you’re making a video for someone, they should be able to see it. Perhaps that was a misstep on Scott’s part. She asked Scott in her IG response to unblock her so she can see the video. Further, Lizzie also asked whether the dog was bought or whether it’s a rescue. She said she’s really into rescuing animals.

Another interesting thing of note is that Lizzie cited money as the reason she broke up with her Love After Lockup beau. She said that Scott held money issues over her head. She also said that he tried to buy her love. Taking that into account, it’s interesting that Scott spent money on his teeth and bought her a dog. Essentially, he’s using money to try and win her back – the very thing she left him for. Whether or not this strategy will work remains to be seen.

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Instagram

Things Have Been Rocky for Scott and Lizzie

Things have been rocky of late for the Love After Lockup pair. Recently, there were rumors that Scott was cheating on Lizzie with another woman. Not long after that, Lizzie seemingly broke things off with Scott via Instagram DM’s. The fact that Lizzie blocked Scott’s phone and Scott has blocked Lizzie on IG definitely points to some unresolved issues in their relationship. It’s unclear at this point if they will get back together. That said, between Scott’s new teeth and buying Lizzie a puppy dog, it certainly seems like he’s trying to make things right.

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