‘Love After Lockup’: Scott Davey Sober 4 Days – Tells Concerned Fans To ‘Suck It’

Love After Lockup star Scott Davey reveals he is four days clean and back on track after going through a downhill spiral. However, not everyone believes him. Fans point out that he doesn’t look sober and may be dealing with an addiction. He responds to these allegations with rude comments to fans. To make matters worse, Scott’s brother David Davey claims that Scott is not a good person. This is a social media firestorm for sure.

Love After Lockup – Scott Davey Focusing On Self

Scott Davey admits that he has made some mistakes. However, he apologizes and states that he is now sober. The Love After Lockup celeb writes online that in “3 months i’ll be back in shape.” He adds “this is nothing I’ve been through worse.” Whatever he is going through, it looks like he is doing what he has to do to get better.

The Love After Lockup reality star addresses that he is doing everything on his own. Scott Davey writes “sometimes you have people in your life that you stood by their side in times of struggles.” He continues and writes that “when you finally need the help. People spit on you turn their back and walk away.”  Scott feels that there are certain people in his life that are where they are today because of him. However, when he needs help, he says no one is there for him.


Love After Lockup Member Shows No Love To Fans

Scott Davey turns to the internet to let Love After Lockup followers know that he is doing better. However, fans aren’t buying it. In response to a fan telling him “he shouldn’t be traveling high”, Scott says he’s four days clean. He also tells the concerned fan to “suck it.” Not the nicest comment to say to a fan who is only expressing their concern. However, another fan tells him to stop playing the victim. Stating that “it’s so unattractive.” Love After Lockup Fans also remarked that Scott doesn’t appear sober.


Brother Reveals Truth About Scott

Scott Davey was portrayed on the WE TV’s Love After Lockup as a nice guy who would do anything for the love of his life. He waited a long time for Lizzie Kommes to be released from prison. Scott also spent a lot of money on her while she was in jail. When Lizzie was released, he spent every single penny in his savings on her. He went broke for Lizzie Kommes. Many viewers believed he was a good guy with a good heart. However, a certain family member says otherwise.

The Love After Lockup cast member’s brother called out Scott on social media. David Davey states that his brother is “not a good guy.” He alleges that his brother “screwed over his family.” David also claimed that his brother doesn’t have a job or bank account. When asked how Scott got all this money, his brother responded with “my family has paid the price for his stupidity”. Whatever is going on with Scott, he’s getting piled on whenever he goes on social media – by show fans and now his family.

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