‘Love after Lockup’: Scott Davey Fishing for New Ladies – Distraught after Losing Lizzie?

Love After Lockup‘s Scott Davey seems to be in a downward spiral since a very public breakup with Lizzie Kommes. There was a new woman in his life, Jasmine. According to Lizzie, she was blindsided by the reveal that Scott had a new woman in the LAL season finale. Scott also claims his phone was hacked and that Jasmine and her boyfriend extorted him for money. Now, Scott is fishing for new dates online. Some fans think he’s desperate.

Love After Lockup Update: Scott Davey Fishing for New Ladies?

It looks like Scott Davey is certainly fishing to find new ladies. He makes it clear on social media that he is single and ready to mingle. Love After Lockup followers know of his very public split. Lizzie Kommes says she wants nothing to do with her former beau.

Scott Davey seems to definitely be playing the sympathy card when it comes to trying to get dates. A good number of Love After Lockup watchers felt that Lizzie Kommes used Scott Davey in the second season of the WE TV show. Even though most fans agree that the former truck driver has a good heart, it doesn’t mean that people are lining up for a chance to date him. Recently, Scott Davey practically begged for someone to go on a cruise with him. As of right now, it’s unknown if there are any takers.

Love After Lockup: Scott Davey Instagram

Love After Lockup: Scott Dating Again?

Some see Scott Davey’s attempts to get back out there as desperate. But, there’s also a portion of fans that leave positive comments on his posts. Some even say he’s handsome and a lot comment on the fact that he has a good heart. After asking for women to go on a cruise with him, Scott left a cryptic message for fans regarding a date he recently went on.

Along with a handful of new selfie snaps, Lizzie Kommes’ former boyfriend said that his date was “really strange”. The Love After Lockup cast member didn’t elaborate further than that. This leaves many viewers scratching their heads and wondering what he means by that. If that cryptic post was about getting attention, Scott certainly accomplished that. At this point it’s unclear whether he will elaborate further but it’s definitely worth watching his feed for more updates.

Love After Lockup: Scott Davey Facebook

Does Scott Need Help?

There is genuine concern for Scott Davey’s well-being among Love After Lockup fans. Some question his drinking habits and suggest that he should attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Others are happy that he is putting himself back out there in the dating scene, but many also worry about how he’s going about trying to find love.

He spent all of his savings on Lizzie Kommes and went into debt because of it. Love After Lockup viewers don’t want to see him fall into similar patterns and make the same mistakes.

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