‘Love After Lockup’ Recap: Clint Is Left Waiting At The Altar Season 2 Episode 6 ‘Your Card Has Been Declined”

Love After Lockup recap for Season 2 Episode 6 show Brittany meets up with her ex-lover from prison. Michael continues to romance both Sarah and Megan. Clint waits for Tracie at the altar and Matt’s introduction to Caitlin’s mom doesn’t go well.

Love After Lockup Recap – Megan and Michael and Sarah

In this Love After Lockup recap, Michael still tells the camera that he loves Megan and wants her. He says this after having sex with Sarah. Michael explains he is on a mission to get to know his daughter and this is just part of the plan. It is sad to watch as Michael’s daughter doesn’t respond as he tries to interact with her. Michael shows real emotion as he realizes his daughter doesn’t know him.

Megan waits by the phone to hear from Michael as he takes his daughter to the park on their first trip alone. While his daughter plays, Michael calls Megan and tells her they will be together in a week. Michael wants Megan long-term but also wants a relationship with his daughter. He doesn’t know how to make that work.

Marcelino and Brittany

In last week’s Love After Lockup episode Brittany admitted she is still in love with her ex-prison girlfriend. This week the two meet without Marcelino knowing. Brittany is not allowed to see her due to the rules of her parole. However, she doesn’t care and hangs out with her anyway. Brittany’s ex Amanda can’t believe she is involved with a man. Brittany tells the camera that she is still very sexually attracted to Amanda and plans on asking Marcelino if he has a problem with them being involved sexually.

Caitlin and Matt

Caitlin is ready to introduce Matt to her mother but the meeting doesn’t go as planned. She and her mother share a painful history. When her mother arrives 20 minutes late, Caitlin storms off leaving Matt to chase after her. After Matt is able to calm Caitlin down the meeting goes well.

Love After Lockup – Scott and Lizzie

Scott and Lizzie go out for their first official date. During their dinner they talk about Lizzie’s daughter. Jazmye is not happy that her mother is dating Scott because he gave Lizzie money while she was in prison to support her heroin habit. Lizzie admits if Scott hadn’t given her money she would have dumped him. The date doesn’t end well when Scott’s credit card is declined as he tries to pay for dinner.

Clint and Tracie

Love After Lockup recaps show that after meeting for the first time the day before and having the “best sex” of his life, it is Clint and Tracie’s wedding day. He gives Tracie his credit and debit card along with his car so she can go to pick up her wedding dress. They agree to meet at the wedding site to say their “I do’s” later in the day.

However, Tracie doesn’t show up. As the show ends Clint has been waiting over two hours but he isn’t willing to give up on Tracie. He tells the camera he will wait all-night if he has to because he believes in their love. Don’t miss a single episode on WE TV Fridays.

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