‘Love after Lockup’: Andrea Flips on Lamar – Angry Over Bond with Shante

Love After Lockup spoilers see Lamar Jackson hiding his relationship with daughter Shante from Andrea Edwards. But, the truth is sure to come out, and Andrea will flip on WEtv’s Life After Lockup.  

Love After Lockup: Lamar Jackson Reconnects with Shante

Love After Lockup star Lamar Jackson recently reached out to his oldest daughter Shante. Fans may recall that Shante is Lamar’s first-born child that he had when he was a teenager. Not only was Lamar an extremely young father, but he did 18 years in prison. So, Lamar never had a chance to develop a relationship with Shante.

Besides that, his wife, Andrea Edwards, is against him seeing her. Lamar says that Andrea is jealous, but it may go deeper. Regardless of Andrea’s feelings, Lamar Jackson wants to get to know Shante better. And, he wants his little girl Priscilla to know her big sister. So, the ex-con is prepared to contact Shante on the regular and keep it from Andrea on Love After Lockup. 

Love After Lockup: Shante - Lamar Jackson

Andrea Edwards Loses It on ‘Life After Lockup’

Love After Lockup celeb Andrea Edwards will probably flip her lid when she learns of Lamar Jackson’s relationship with Shante. Of course, she has her own reasons for not wanting Shante to be a part of their lives. But, she is sure to be livid that her hubby is lying and keeping secrets. More importantly, she will hit the roof when she learns that Lamar makes Priscilla lie to her.

After all, Priscilla is only eight years old, and or won’t be easy for her to keep a secret, especially from her mother. So, she’s bound to slip. And Andrea Edwards will probably find out that Lamar Jackson had Priscilla meet Shante behind her back. Andrea’s anger may get the better of her, and there’s no telling what she might do next on Love After Lockup.  

Love After Lockup: Andrea Edwards - Lamar Jackson

Andrea May Give Lamar an Ultimatum

Soon, on Love After Lockup, Andrea Edwards may be so furious with Lamar over his lies that she may make him choose. In fact, she may pack up the kids and head straight back to Utah. Or, she might insist that her husband choose her and their children over Shante. Of course, it doesn’t seem likely that he will agree to that.

So, things are about to get quite messy for the couple. And this may be the last straw for Andrea. So, they may face major problems in the marriage moving forward on Life After Lockup. Check back here to keep up with Lamar Jackson and Andrea Edwards.

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