‘Love After Lockup’: Andrea’s Cryptic Message Teases Lamar Split – Are They Still Together?

Love After Lockup celeb Andrea Edwards recently teased a split with Lamar Jackson in a cryptic message. And, many WEtv viewers want to know what’s going on with the pair. The couple deal with a lot of drama on the WEtv show and its spinoff. Are they still together?

Love After Lockup: Andrea Edwards Teases End with Lamar?

Love After Lockup‘s Andrea Edwards opened up about Lamar Jackson in a way that confuses fans. She shared a pic of the former felon along with song lyrics to the hit song My Immortal by Evanescence. The song references themes like being there for someone. But, it also talks about being weighed down by that burden.

The song lyrics easily apply to some of the ups and downs this couple go through on Love After Lockup. And, because Andrea Edwards includes a pic of Lamar Jackson to go with the lyrics, many WEtv watchers think something is going on between the couple.

Love After Lockup: Andrea Chantell - Lamar Jackson

Is Lamar Jackson Okay?

In addition to questioning the couple’s relationship status. Some Love After Lockup fans wonder if Lamar Jackson is okay at this current time. Some fans even wonder if Lamar passed away. Lamar lives in Compton, California. And, Andrea Edwards worried about her safety and the safety of her children there.

Meanwhile, Lamar Jackson’s brother Tulow was shot recently. So, concerns about Lamar’s well-being are certainly justified. Especially since Andrea Edwards keeps her latest update vague. She doesn’t go into any specifics regarding what’s going on. And, this leads to more questions among fans.

Andrea Edwards didn’t want to move her family to California to be with Lamar Jackson. And, that caused a lot of friction in their relationship on Love After Lockup. Meanwhile, Andrea grilled Lamar over how he spent his time out there with her and the kids back in Utah. And, the pair living apart caused a lot of drama in their relationship.

Love After Lockup Update: Andrea Edwards & Lamar Jackson – Are They Still Together?

Whether or not Love After Lockup couples are still together is a regular topic among fans. This is especially true when seasons go off the air. Meanwhile, this latest update from Andrea Edwards generates more questions than answers when it comes to her relationship status with Lamar Jackson.

The pair certainly bring the drama for WEtv. And, they have a history of major fights over the course of their relationship. As a result, many viewers wouldn’t be surprised if they called it quits.

Some viewers speculate that Lamar Jackson could be back in jail. And, that’s always a lingering concern surrounding former felons. Moreover, others suggest this could be nothing more than an attention-grab from Andrea.

Right now there aren’t many details about what’s going on. And, as a result, there are more questions than answers among fans. Certainly, it’s worth watching to see if Andrea gives more information on this situation.

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