‘Love After Lockup’ Exclusive: Lamar & Andrea Reveal Baby-Making Plans

Love After Lockup fan-favorites Lamar Jackson and Andrea Edwards spoke to us about their baby plans and whether they’ll expand their family. In this exclusive chat, we asked the WEtv duo about expanding their family, whether they’ll stay in LA, and what they think about being reality TV famous.

Love After Lockup: Lamar Jackson’s Wise Words on Reality TV Fame

Fans met Andrea Edwards and husband Lamar Jackson on the WEtv prison romance show season 1. Viewers adore them and that continues to this day. Despite their passionate fights, Andrea Edwards can’t stay away from Lamar Jackson, as we’ve seen on Love After Lockup and its spinoffs.

We asked Lamar and Andrea Edwards about fame and here’s what they told SD.

Soap Dirt: What it’s like being famous for Love After Lockup?

Andrea Edwards: I don’t like to be attached to the word lockup because it’s negative. The [Love After Lockup] fans are usually super nice. However, when you walk in a room, you’re automatically judged.

SD: What do people say when they meet you?

Andrea: One thing people say is “you’re so small.” And they expect me to be emotional, insane, crazy. We are just prejudged.

SD: Do people recognize you from Love After Lockup more in Utah or LA?

Lamar Jackson: In the ghetto more. And as soon as I hit the airport, we get recognized a lot.

SD: What’s the downside of fame from reality TV?

Lamar: The fame outlasts the money… It’s not great to be famous in the ghetto.

Andrea Edwards - WEtv

Andrea Edwards & Hubby Talk About More Babies

We also wanted to ask Love After Lockup celeb Andrea and Lamar Jackson about expanding their family and when (or if) they will have more kids.

Soap Dirt: Lamar, do you want more kids with Andrea?

Lamar Jackson: More kids? I’m trying… Practice makes perfect!

SD: What about you Andrea – ready for a baby?

Andrea Edwards: Honestly, I do not want to be pregnant in the ghetto. I do not want my child to be born in the ghetto, so I don’t know. Maybe if we move to another neighborhood. But we do not want to stop practicing.

One thing Love After Lockup‘s Lamar Jackson and spouse Andrea Edwards agree on is “practicing”. Their chemistry was fiery as they laughed and teased each other during the interview with Soap Dirt.

Love After Lockup: Lamar Jackson - Andrea Edwards

Love After Lockup: Andrea Edwards Reveals Fallout from Priscilla Paternity Reveal

We talked babies with Lamar Jackson. Then, we asked Andrea about filming the bombshell reveal that he’s Priscilla’s dad. That was a shock for WEtv fans – but even more so for Andrea Edwards’ older children, Nyla and Tennison.

Soap Dirt: What was it like filming the reveal that Lamar is Priscilla’s biological father for Love After Lockup?

Andrea Edwards: That was the most exhausting, suck-my-energy day that I’ve had. The kids were upset – my friends were upset. Nyla felt betrayed. She was embarrassed and ashamed because of where it happened. It was a lot.

SD: Did it upset the kids when you talked about it on Love After Lockup?

Andrea: Nyla wished that I would have kept that as a family secret and not have talked about that during [Love After Lockup] filming because it there was an embarrassment to it. She’s [Nyla] really strong about her morals and about keeping her body sacred.

SD: What did Tennison think about it?

Andrea: He was just happy that Priscilla’s growing up with a dad. But he was concerned about certain genetics being passed down – like violence and gang banging being passed down. He wants to be strict on her because of who her family is.

Lamar Jackson - WEtv

Lamar, Andrea, & Quarantine for Love After Lockup Spouses

Finally, we asked Andrea Edwards about her food supply. If you didn’t know, it’s a practice of Mormons to keep one year’s worth of supplies at the ready. We found out that her big store of supplies really shocked Lamar Jackson.

Soap Dirt: Andrea, do you have the year’s supply of food that most Mormons do so you were ready for the pandemic?

Andrea Edwards: Of course, I had food storage. Lamar was so amazed and he still is. We’re taught to be self-reliant. I was able to make my own hand sanitizer. We were able to take things to people – to love one another in service. We made coronavirus packages for Lamar’s family and some friends.

To summarize, Love After Lockup stars Andrea Edwards is keeping busy loving her husband Lamar Jackson. But she says she wants to postpone expanding their family until they move to a neighborhood where she feels safer. We thank Lamar and also Andrea for giving us this great exclusive interview.

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