‘Life After Lockup’: Lamar’s Secret Meeting Threatens Relationship with Andrea Edwards

Life After Lockup spoilers report that Lamar Jackson‘s secret meeting puts things with Andrea Edwards in jeopardy. This couple has a long history of keeping secrets from one another – and that trend continues in new episodes.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Lamar Jackson Keeping Andrea Edwards in the Dark

Andrea Edwards adjusts to life back in California with her kids and Lamar Jackson. The Life After Lockup family tries to make it work under the same roof. But Andrea Edwards doesn’t like that the family voted to live there.

Meanwhile, Life After Lockup spoilers say Lamar Jackson’s secret causes problems with his wife. Lamar opened up to his youngest daughter about his side of the family in the last episode. But there are things Andrea still doesn’t know about – like him wanting a relationship with his daughter from his previous relationship now that he’s out of prison.

Lamar Jackson had his oldest daughter when he was young. And he missed her growing up because he was behind bars. He wants to reconnect with her – and texts her in secret. And this sets up a lot of drama in the Life After Lockup storyline.

In addition, Lamar Jackson lets his youngest daughter in on the secret. Lamar asks her to keep it hidden from everyone else. And that seems like it could be a ticking time bomb in this storyline.

Along with that, Andrea Edwards deals with a situation of her own on Life After Lockup beyond Lamar Jackson. Spoilers say her son Tennison storms off. And Andrea loses it. Her son embarrasses Andrea Edwards – and she doesn’t handle it well. There’s also the fact that Andrea Edwards is the breadwinner of her family. So, there’s a lot of pressure all around when it comes to this situation on Life After Lockup.

Love After Lockup: Lamar Jackson - Andrea Edwards

Life After Lockup: Lindsey Downs Has Another Plan with Scott Bradshaw

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal Lindsey Downs has another plan up her sleeve with Scott Bradshaw. She met with her girlfriend Tara Belle in the Love After Lockup season finale. And she still keeps that relationship hidden from Scott. Meanwhile, it looks like she has something else in her bag of tricks in new episodes.

Shavel Moore’s situation with Quaylon is in a bad spot when Life After Lockup episodes pick up. Shavel confronted Quaylon in the previous episode about texting other women. And she accused her man of cheating on her after having an explosive confrontation over the phone with his alleged side chick. In addition, after everything that went down, her family wants Shavel to cut ties with the former inmate.

Love After Lockup: Scott Bradshaw - Lindsey Downs - Life After Lockup

Michael Simmons on the Prowl – Destinie Folsom Pregnant?

Life After Lockup spoilers show Michael Simmons back on the dating scene. Following the face to face meeting with Sarah Simmons’ new boyfriend, it looks like Michael is back on the market for someone new as well. Spoilers show him meeting up with a mystery woman. And it seems he likes what he sees.

Things are still tense on Life After Lockup for Destinie Folsom and Shawn Osborne. Destinie bailed on her man after taking a pregnancy test. And she said she was in a lot of pain in the previous episode. All of this goes down with Shawn waiting on her back home.

Destinie Folsom said she has been feeling “sick” for about a week. And she isn’t sure if it’s due to a possible pregnancy or stress-related based on everything she currently deals with. There’s also the fact that she doesn’t trust Shawn Osborne. So, what she does next in this situation could have some long-term repercussions over the course of the season.

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