‘Love after Lockup’: Anti-Social Lamar Likes Lockdown – Andrea Going Stir Crazy

Love After Lockup couple Lamar Jackson and Andrea Edwards dish on how they are handling life in quarantine. Lamar says he’s “antisocial” and prefers isolation so he can handle it better than Andrea. Plus, they spill the real story about how they met and fell in love. So, check out this update on Andrea and Lamar along with some juicy tidbits about their love story.

Love After Lockup: Quarantine No Biggie for Lamar Jackson, But Andrea Edwards Struggles

Love After Lockup celebs Lamar Jackson and his wife Andrea Edwards handle quarantine a bit differently. Of course, solitary is nothing new to Lamar so he actually likes the isolation. He is an introvert so he’s happiest when he’s by himself. Andrea, on the other hand, is the complete opposite and she loves the outdoors. Plus, she feels their lives are gone.

But, some days are easier than others. Also, Lamar is a bit of a chef. He loves to cook and experiment with all kinds of things. Plus, because he was in prison for so long he knows how to reuse leftovers and make the most of things. Who knows, maybe his own cooking show is in his future. At the moment, the Love After Lockup pair just tries to make the best of it.

Love After Lockup: Lamar Jackson - Andrea Edwards

How the LALU Couple Fell in Love

Love After Lockup stars Andrea Edwards and husband Lamar Jackson’s relationship first began when Andrea started writing Lamar about the book of Mormon. Apparently, there were elders in her church who were on a mission to serve inmates. They would write and visit the inmates and Andrea wanted to do the same.

Love After Lockup‘s Lamar Jackson said Andrea was very genuine and insightful and it felt like she was in his corner. However, he had to ask her to stop writing so much because it was overwhelming. That kind of love was foreign to him and made him uncomfortable. Of course, it was just a big change for him after so long without love.

Originally, Andrea Edwards did not want to marry Lamar Jackson. Turns out, she just wanted to do missionary work and get him baptized. So, romance was not the reason she contacted him – at first. But, they became very close over time and developed deep feelings for each other. Obviously, the rest is Love After Lockup history.

Love After Lockup: Lamar Jackson Dishes on Life After Prison

Love After Lockup‘s Lamar Jackson had to learn how to adapt to prison. Lockdown and being by himself was good because he said the yard was too busy and hectic. Plus, it was helpful if there were other inmates he didn’t get along with because he could keep his distance. Eventually, he was in there so long it was just everyday life to him. Then, when his time was up, he had to adjust to life on the outside after 20 years behind bars.

Lamar Jackson he never had a chance to sit back and adjust because he’s been so busy since the very beginning. Remember, the moment he stepped out of prison he had a camera in his face. Plus, he was in the studio recording right away. So, he was so busy with life right away. Now, the Love After Lockup alum says the hardest part is trying to find time for himself. Also, it was a shock to see how much technology has changed in 20 years.

However, he likes it because he’s “antisocial”. So, technology gives him a way to connect with people without going out. And, he can share his music without performing. He can just post it on the internet. Right now, they look very happy together. Plus, Lamar jokes that she “hit the jackpot” when she married him. Clearly, Lamar Jackson and his wifey Andrea Edwards are still very much in love as they navigate life together.

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