‘Life After Lockup’: Andrea Edwards & Lamar Jackson’s Big Change

Life After Lockup spoilers say Andrea Edwards has a hard time adjusting to a big change with Lamar Jackson. The pair have had a lot of issues since the first season of Love After Lockup. And, there’s a lot of drama in upcoming episodes.

Life After Lockup: Andrea Edwards & Lamar Jackson Change Things Up

Life After Lockup sources report Andrea Edwards moving to California with Lamar Jackson and her children. The pair live drastically different lives. And, the Mormon faith is a big part of life for Andrea Edwards. Still, after the family vote, they decide to pack up and head for Lamar Jackson’s home.

Life After Lockup watchers know Andrea Edwards doesn’t like where Lamar Jackson lives. She worries about their safety. This is especially true in Compton—a city known for crime and gang violence. Meanwhile, as a former gangbanger, Andrea worries Lamar could fall back into old habits if he keeps the same circles.

Love After Lockup: Lamar Jackson - Andrea Edwards

LAL: Andrea’s Cryptic Messages About Lamar

Since the last season of Life After Lockup, many viewers wonder about the relationship status of this pair. This is especially true given Andrea Edwards’ posts about Lamar Jackson in recent months. She shared song lyrics and talked about whether she would do things differently given everything she knows now.

At one point, she even went to see fellow Life After Lockup cast member Angela Gail for help with her marriage to Lamar. Even though Angela Gail has her own struggles with Tony, she is a mental health professional. And, she helps people with their issues. Meanwhile, based on what Andrea said after the fact, it looks like Angela was able to help her after all.

So, even with all the Life After Lockup split chatter following this duo, they definitely seem to find a way to make things work. They got into explosive fights since their time on WEtv. And, many of those instances turned violent as well. Many other Life After Lockup pairs called it quits when they reached their limit. But, Lamar and wife Andrea always seem to find a way to stay together.

Life After Lockup: What to Expect

Life After Lockup returns with a four-part series featuring returning favorites. Meanwhile, on top of the big move for Lamar and Andrea, Life After Lockup source says Lamar takes Andrea’s son under his wing. Andrea’s children grew up sheltered in Utah. But, Lamar takes Tennison and shows him the ropes. Meanwhile, whether or not he can navigate the streets is definitely something to watch.

Meanwhile, in addition to the added drama and stress from moving to a different state, there’s also the fact that this series was filmed during the current pandemic. And, unlike filming with a full production crew, Andrea Edwards and groom Lamar Jackson filmed themselves this go-round. So, there’s extra tension to tune into on top of the drama from their storyline this season.

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