‘Love After Lockup’: Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson – Are They Still Together?

Love After Lockup duo Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson have fans wondering if they are still together. Lamar and Andrea have had a tumultuous relationship on the show and on its spinoff. They’ve come close to calling it quits a handful of times. So much so that many viewers often wonder if the couple are still together. What’s the scoop?

Love After Lockup: Lamar Jackson & Andrea Edwards – Lots of Ups and Downs on WEtv

Both Lamar Jackson and spouse Andrea Edwards bring the drama on Love After Lockup. From the very beginning, their contrasting lifestyles presented a problem for the pair. Lamar is a former gangbanger from California. And, Andrea is a practicing Mormon in Utah. And, where and how they would live as a couple was always a concern for the pair.

Added to this, Andrea Edwards has three kids to consider. And, her youngest daughter is Lamar’s. For a while the pair tried to maintain their relationship long distance. And, that came with its own set of problems. Andrea didn’t like Lamar hanging around his old friends. And, she couldn’t keep track of him and his activities as well as she liked back in Utah.

Love After Lockup: Andrea Edwards

LALU: Constant Fights Between Lamar & Andrea

Even though Love After Lockup husband Lamar Jackson and his wife love each other, they get into some serious fights that often turn physical. And, even when things don’t escalate on a physical level, there’s a lot of verbal sparring to contend with when it comes to this duo.

For the most part, they always seem to come back from these tense moments. But, many Love After Lockup followers wonder if Lamar Jackson and Andrea Edwards will throw in the towel one of these times.

This is especially true since the pair aren’t on a current season of Life After Lockup or the original flagship show. Meanwhile, the pair’s recent online activity certainly raises some eyebrows among watchers.

Love After Lockup Update: Are Andrea Edwards & Lamar Jackson Still Together?

With their relationship status seemingly up in the air, recent activity online casts even more doubt. Andrea Edwards often posts asking her Love After Lockup followers for relationship advice.

She even reached out to fellow Love After Lockup cast member Angela Gail. When Angela isn’t dealing with Tony’s antics at home, she helps people as a therapist. And, Andrea recently sought her out for marriage advice to help her relationship with Lamar Jackson. Andrea didn’t share what she talked about with her followers. But, it seems it was a productive session.

Meanwhile, Andrea Edwards posts cryptic messages and song lyrics without context. It could be intentional to add to the drama surrounding their relationship. But, either way, things don’t look good over the last few months. There’s also the fact that Lamar Jackson deleted his social media. So, it may be a while before viewers hear from him – if at all.

So far, there hasn’t been confirmation of an official split. But, with how things go for the pair recently, it may only be a matter of time before they call it quits for good.

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