‘Life After Lockup’: Andrea Says Lamar is Priscilla’s Bio-Dad – Semen Smuggling Plot Revealed?

Love After Lockup star Andrea Edwards drops a major bomb about her daughter Priscilla and ex-con husband Lamar Jackson in the upcoming season of Life After Lockup.

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal that Andrea Edwards stuns her Mormon friends in an upcoming Life After Lockup episode when she reveals that Lamar is her youngest child’s biological father.

The news is stunning because Lamar Jackson was in prison for 20 years and Priscilla is only 5-years-old. But because he was behind bars at the time, there are very few ways he could be Priscilla’s father. Andrea Edwards said the pregnancy was not through a conjugal visit.

Did Andrea Edwards smuggle some semen out of prison to conceive her daughter?

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Secret Spilled – Lamar Jackson is Andrea Edwards’ Daughter’s Biological Father

In earlier previews for Life After Lockup, Andrea Edwards said she was keeping a major secret. Fans were speculating on what she could possibly mean.  Love After Lockup fans thought it was a secret she was keeping from Lamar Jackson. But no one saw this one coming. It would be easier to believe that she was cheating on Lamar with someone else.

Yet, now we know that the secret is that Lamar is Priscilla’s bio father and that it will be revealed in the first episode of Life After Lockup when the new season begins.

Fans wonder how Andrea’s youngest daughter was conceived while Lamar Jackson was still behind bars. Now, the explanations are even crazier than the revelation itself.

Did Andrea Smuggle Lamar’s Semen out of Prison?

On the next Life After Lockup on WEtv, Andrea Edwards tells her friends that she wasn’t allowed to have conjugal visits with Lamar Jackson. Yet, she managed to become pregnant with his child. This has everyone wondering how the Love After Lockup couple did it.

One of the few ways would have been for Andrea to have smuggled out some of Lamar’s “DNA” during a visit. Depending on the facility, many times friends and family can visit an inmate without being behind glass walls. Fans think Lamar may have handed off a little baggie to her when no one was looking.

Did the Two Hook-Up During a Visitation?

Other theories are that Lamar Jackson may have made a quickie “direct deposit”. Some prisons are more lax than other’s when it comes to visitations. Some even allow the inmates to walk the grounds with visitors.

No prison is 100% secure, and there are many times “private areas” that the inmates know about. However it went down, Life After Lockup watchers can’t wait to hear Andrea Edwards explain how it happened.

An illicit hook-up while on prison grounds would not be considered a conjugal visit.

Love After Lockup: Did Andrea and Lamar Break the Law?

If Lamar’s “special sauce” was smuggled out of prison, then a law was probably broken. If Lamar and Andrea found a way to have sex while on prison grounds, then it may have been illegal since it wasn’t a conjugal visit. This is probably why the two kept it a secret. If it was know, then Lamar may not have been released on parole.

Another thing the new Life After Lockup season teased in regards to Andrea and Lamar was a huge fight. For some reason, Andrea Edwards explodes and starts physically assaulting Lamar Jackson. “You f***ing messing up my life,” she screams, hitting him while the film crew tries to get out of the way. Why is Andrea so mad at Lamar? Love After Lockup viewers can’t wait to find out.

Find out when Life After Lockup premieres January 3 at 9/8c on WE tv.

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