‘Love after Lockup’: Andrea Flips Out – Lamar Hiding Secrets

Love After Lockup spoilers report Andrea Edwards flips out on Lamar Jackson. Soon, it comes out that Lamar is keeping secrets from Andrea. Clearly, she doesn’t take it well on the new season of Life After Lockup. 

Love After Lockup: Andrea Edwards Struggles in LA

Love After Lockup lovers may recall Andrea Edwards is not a fan of life in Los Angeles. Remember, she takes pride in how hard she has worked to give her children the best life possible. Now, she feels it’s all for nothing because they are living in the “ghetto.” Surely, there is a lot more temptation around.

So, Andrea Edwards worries that her kids may be pressured into bad decisions. Of course, she loves her husband, Lamar Jackson, with all of her heart.

That’s why she puts up with their current living arrangements. Surely, she wants Lamar Jackson to be close with his family. And she wants him to be able to pursue his music career as well. However, Andrea Edwards is having a hard time in LA. Lately, it seems to be one thing after another. Soon, Lamar pushes her limits on Love After Lockup.  

Love After Lockup: Andrea Edwards

Lamar Jackson Keeping Secrets

Love After Lockup alum Andrea Edwards is willing to give life in LA a shot. Currently, she has hope and faith that her family will be ok in LA. Especially because Lamar Jackson is willing to compromise in some areas, and they could get their daughter Priscilla baptized. No doubt that is important to Andrea. But, soon, she is furious with Lamar for running his mouth.

So, he must say something hurtful or insulting. Furthermore, she believes Lamar is lying to her and hiding things. Life After Lockup fans knows Andrea Edwards is not shy about expressing her opinions to Lamar. And she’s quick to call him out. Soon, viewers can expect to see her lose it on Lamar Jackson. So, she might not make it much longer living in the city on Love After Lockup.  

Love After Lockup: Lamar Jackson

Love After Lockup: Andrea Loses Her Cool

Coming up, Love After Lockup star Andrea gets fed up with hubs Lamar Jackson. First, she gets heated during a big event. Then, someone steps in to separate them when Andrea gets in Lamar’s face. She appears to be very angry. No doubt, Andrea is a kind and loving woman and likes to set a good example for her kids.

But don’t get on her bad side. Clearly, Andrea can throw down with the best of them. And she won’t let Lamar off easily. So, it will certainly be worthwhile to watch Andrea rip into Lamar for his latest antics. Don’t miss a moment of Love After Lockup to see Andrea Edwards freak out on hubby Lamar Jackson when the new season kicks off.

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