Deadliest Catch Season 17: Johnathan Hillstrand Returns

Deadliest Catch Captain Johnathan Hillstrand is coming out of retirement. This makes fans happy since Johnathan and the Time Bandit were fan favorites. We saw him in season 16 on Saga, assisting Captain Jake Anderson. Now that we know he will be back for season 17, what can fans expect?

Deadliest Catch Spoilers: Can Johnathan Hillstrand Restore Crab Quotas After Covid?

From Deadliest Catch Season 17 spoilers, we know that the pandemic has taken a major hit on the fishing industry. But the virus hasn’t been the only factor that destroyed crab fishing quotas — the crew also struggles with illegal fishing from the Russians. Johnathan Hillstrand not only knows how to retain fishing quotas but can keep the crab population sustainable, something that illegal fishermen don’t prioritize.

As far as the pandemic is concerned, Deadliest Catch Northwestern Captain Sig Hansen knows that he needs the best in order to save the crab fishing industry. This is where Johnathan Hillstrand comes in. Sig says, “what we need are legends” in order for the crab fishing industry to survive. It will be interesting to see how Johnathan will work with Sig Hansen’s strategy and how they will all work as a team.

Deadliest Catch: Johnathan Hillstrand

Return of the Time Bandit?

While fans were happy to see the return of Johnathan Hillstrand on Deadliest Catch, fans were also heartbroken by the disappearance of the Hillstrand boat the Time Bandit. The boat is practically a character itself, embodying a rebellious black pirate ship.

However, fans may be getting what they want for Deadliest Catch Season 17. Johnathan Hillstrand has been hinting at the return of the Time Bandit on Twitter, Tweeting pictures of the ship and even posting pictures of his wife working on the Time Bandit.

Johnathan Hillstrand already said bringing back the Time Bandit for Deadliest Catch Season 16 was too much of a monetary hassle, which is why he was on Saga with Jake Anderson. What makes season 17 different? Johnathan said while he and Jake are friends, “it was sort of hard not to micromanage.”

As Deadliest Catch fans know, the Hillstrand brothers put the Time Bandit up for sale. But the $2,888,888 price was a little too high for buyers. So, if they’re going to be out fishing anyway, why not use the Time Bandit?

Deadliest Catch: Time Bandit

Deadliest Catch and the Hillstrands: Brotherly Reunion?

Johnathan Hillstrand owned the Time Bandit with his two brothers. Will we see the entire Hillstrand crew on the Time Bandit for Deadliest Catch Season 17?

It seems like Neal Hillstrand is interested in coming back, but Andy Hillstrand’s status is up in the air. On one hand, Johnathan says Andy is interested in returning to Dutch Harbor. On the other, Andy said he hasn’t been fishing in awhile.

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