‘Deadliest Catch’ Season 17 Spoilers: Johnathan Hillstrand Brings Back Time Bandit

Deadliest Catch spoilers show Johnathan Hillstrand returns on season 17 but also the return of the iconic boat, the Time Bandit. Here are some of the events that led to Johnathan’s return.

Deadliest Catch Spoilers: Sig Hansen Talks to Johnathan Hillstrand

Deadliest Catch spoilers reveal that at the beginning of the Deadliest Catch season 17 premiere, fans can see Sig Hansen in Washington state visiting Johnathan Hillstrand. From the skull and crossbones on the car, you know exactly what’s going down.

Johnathan Hillstrand takes Sig Hansen for a ride on Deadliest Catch, where the two have a very important discussion. Sig tells Johnathan that they need to meet a massive crab quota; however, there aren’t enough guys out there to make that quota.

At first, Johnathan Hillstrand is unsure. He mentions he has his dog, grandchildren, and other loved ones who are his priority. Johnathan also has to get a crew. Not only that, but he wants to retire. With his face in his hands, Johnathan leaves Sig hanging by saying he will talk to his wife.

Deadliest Catch: Johnathan Hillstrand

Time Bandit’s Triumphant Return

During the Deadliest Catch premiere, Jake Anderson calls on Sig Hansen and asks for help. Sig directs the Northwestern over to Saga. As Sig approached Saga, all fans can recognize that distinguished black boat — the Time Bandit.

A familiar voice says, “Hey, we’re back Sig,” over the intercom. This makes Sig Hansen jump. The Time Bandit approaches the Northwestern, causing a huge celebration on Deadliest Catch. However, it wasn’t a big celebration for Sig and Mandy Hansen.

Crew members from both Time Bandit and Saga started shooting paintballs at the Northwestern. Massive fireworks explode in the air. It’s definitely the best and only way to welcome Johnathan Hillstrand and the Time Bandit’s return. And the Northwestern was caught in the middle of it — literally.

Were Sig and Mandy Hansen happy about the celebration? “He’s tearing up my boat,” Sig exclaims to Mandy. Sig pops out of the window, waving a white flag. Sig Hansen continues yelling obscenities at the two captains, such as “you’re dead.” He also told them “thanks for the paint job” as fans see the white Northwestern covered in red and orange paint.

Johnathan Hillstrand laughs. “You’re the one who wanted me back,” Johnathan tells Sig Hansen over the intercom.

Deadliest Catch: Johnathan Hillstrand

Deadliest Catch Spoilers: What’s Next for Johnathan Hillstrand and the Time Bandit?

This is an unforgettable season of Deadliest Catch. The fishery is dealing with major issues. First, the Russians are still coming in and taking lots of crabs. And of course, the pandemic is tying up many boats. Since the Alaska Department of Fish and Game couldn’t conduct their crab survey, the captains are going in blind.

Is this a challenge for Johnathan Hillstrand? “I came back to help you guys, so let’s work together,” he tells the various captains after they debate on sharing information for this next Deadliest Catch season. “I’m in this. Anyone else in this?” Johnathan asks the captains.

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