‘Deadliest Catch’ Season 17 Spoilers: Sig Hansen Fights for Survival

Deadliest Catch and Captain Sig Hansen are officially back for its 17th season this spring. We can see Sig’s plan and get a glimpse of Johnathan Hillstrand’s return. But how can we watch the new season? And what can fans expect?

Deadliest Catch: Captain Sig Hansen Stunned By His Surroundings

At the beginning of the new Deadliest Catch season, Sig looks over the deserted harbor and makes this comment, “it’s looking pretty empty in here.” He states after his 42 years of working on Alaska’s Dutch Harbor that he’s “never seen anything like this. Not a soul walks on the harbor. Businesses are closing. Mask requirement signs hang around the entire harbor.” Sig explains that half of the fleet is in Seattle.

The crew members are scared. Sig Hansen states, “if we fail, the fishery dies.” Deadliest Catch crew members know all about fighting for survival. However, lives are not the only ones on the line – everyone understands the fishing industry is completely at risk. Their future depends on their decisions now.

Don’t worry, Sig has a plan for the new Deadliest Catch season. Sig Hansen won’t let crab fishing slip away from his grasp. He’s gathering everyone, both friends and enemies, to give their 100% efforts. They still have crab to catch and they’re determined to make it happen, no matter what stands in their way. Everyone has to work together, or else the crab fishing industry will burn to the ground.

The Crew and COVID-19 Crisis

Viewers know why Sig Hansen and the crew have to give their all: the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Deadliest Catch and the crab fishing industry.

The pandemic affected the fishing industry and our favorite Alaskan crab crew members are no exception. Because of the virus, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game couldn’t conduct a summer crab survey. Our heroes unfortunately have to walk in blindly, not sure where to find crabs on the ground.

There are also other aspects of Deadliest Catch that will never change, such as dangerous waters. We still see familiar faces, such as Captain “Wild” Bill Wichrowski, Mandy Hansen Pedersen, and Phil Harris. Legendary crabber Johnathan Hillstrand (F/V Time Bandit) will also come out of retirement and is returning to the show. Unfortunately, a deadly virus is also circulating. 85 crew members on the Aleutian Chain tested positive for COVID-19. We already see crew members are receiving COVID-19 tests. What if an outbreak occurs on the ship?

Deadliest Catch: Johnathan Hillstrand

Deadliest Catch Season 17: When Will It Premiere?

Deadliest Catch is on Discovery Channel. You can watch the new season on cable, the streaming service, discovery+, and on other outlets such as Discovery Live.

Deadliest Catch season 17 premiere is on April 20 at 8/7c. From here, fans can watch the show every Tuesday. Can’t get enough of Captain Sig Hansen and his crew? Always stay with Soap Dirt for more DC news and updates.