‘Deadliest Catch’: Sig Hansen Flips Off Johnathan Hillstrand

Deadliest Catch heated things up when Captain Sig Hansen gave the finger to Johnathan Hillstrand and the rest of the Time Bandit crew. What happened to make him react that way?

Deadliest Catch: Johnathan Hillstrand Pranks Captain Sig Hansen

During episode one of Deadliest Catch season 17, Captain Sig Hansen and Johnathan Hillstrand go for a ride in his car. During the ride, he begs him to come out of retirement and bring the Time Bandit back. The fleet needs to make a massive crab quota and they’re struggling due to the pandemic. They can’t do this alone.

At first, Johnathan was hesitant. But as fans start watching this episode, they learn that Johnathan’s uncertainty was all a ploy.

After Saga captain Jake Anderson lures Sig and the Northwestern to his boat, the Time Bandit sneaks up on him. “Let the game begin,” John Hillstrand says over the intercom as he and his crew members prepare to ambush the Northwestern.

Deadliest Catch: Johnathan Hillstrand

Ambushing the Northwestern

While Sig Hansen would love to celebrate Johnathan Hillstrand’s return to Deadliest Catch, this type of celebration wasn’t what he had in mind — and he certainly wasn’t too crazy about Johnathan’s plans.

Crew members on both ships start pranking Sig and the Northwestern. They hit the boat with paintballs, making the Northwestern look red and orange. The paintballs got all over the windows and doors, too. Even Johnathan Hillstrand grabbed a paintball gun and was shooting at Sig’s ship. Deadliest Catch fans can see him jumping and freaking out while Mandy Hansen is shocked.

With the paintballs and fireworks going off, Sig Hansen had enough. He started waving a white flag out of the window, signaling everyone to stop.

Deadliest Catch: Sig Hansen


Deadliest Catch: Sig Hansen Wasn’t Happy With Johnathan

While everyone on Saga and the Time Bandit were full of smiles and laughs, Sig Hansen was exasperated and he was throwing his hands up in the air. After the crew ceased fire, he pops back out of the window — this time to flip off Johnathan Hillstrand.

“You’re dead, both of you,” Sig tells both Johnathan Hillstrand and Jake Anderson over the intercom. But he especially aims it at Johnathan. “You’re so dead, Johnathan,” he tells Johnathan immediately after.

How did Johnathan take it? He smiled and laughed. He tells his Deadliest Catch captain friend, “miss ya, Sig” and “love ya, man.”

Jake Anderson and his crew also had a ton of fun. “That was awesome,” Jake says as his crew members start setting off more fireworks on Deadliest Catch.

Eventually, Sig Hansen starts smiling and laughing. “Thanks for the paint job,” he jokes with the captains. Mandy Hansen got a kick out of the whole commotion; she was smiling and laughing the entire time the event unfolded on Deadliest Catch.

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