Deadliest Catch: Sig Hansen Craziest Moments

Deadliest Catch Captain Sig Hansen is one of the most popular characters on the show. But he may not be able to stay in control of himself all the time. Here are Sig’s craziest moments so far.

Deadliest Catch Season 9: Captain Sig Hansen vs. Edgar Hansen

Captain Sig Hansen and his brother, Edgar Hansen, got into a heated argument during Season 9 of Deadliest Catch. And for the first time, Edgar roasted him. The result is one of the most emotional moments in the entire show.

The fight starts out with Sig Hansen approaching his brother with tags for the blue crab season, explaining to Edgar that work with blue crabs is his responsibility. Then, he loses his cool. Clearly pissed off, he tells Edgar Hansen that he didn’t take the initiative to call him and said he’s been waiting for him to “man up.”

The result is one of the most iconic brother vs. brother arguments on Deadliest Catch. Edgar claims that all he does is pull the throttle because Sig Hansen handles everything. And then Sig takes it too far – mentioning Edgar’s past heroin addiction and claims he’s “screwed up in the head” even though he’s “sober guy” now.

And this is where Edgar Hansen completely owns him. He states this is why he never calls Captain Sig Hansen – because he knows Sig will react that way. He explains he hopes his relationship will get better, but he doesn’t understand that his brother isn’t “that guy” anymore. Edgar also explains he puts his sobriety on a “pedestal” to ensure he doesn’t go back to his old habits.

Deadliest Catch: Sig Hansen

The Uber Assault

By far one of Sig Hansen’s most groundbreaking stories wasn’t even on Deadliest Catch. It was how he assaulted an Uber driver. In May of 2017, the Uber driver claimed that Sig spat on him and kicked the outside of the rear of the passenger-side of the vehicle, which caused a dent. He was apparently drunk, according to police officers.

Did Captain Sig Hansen receive jail time? No – but he did face a few penalties. He had to pay a $43 fine, abstain from drugs and alcohol for a year, and not contact or go within 500 feet of the Uber driver.

Deadliest Catch: Matt Bradley

Deadliest Catch Season 5: Sig Hansen Is Furious Over Low Crab Count

While Sig Hansen is usually mad about something on Deadliest Catch, he really lost his cool when they suffered a low crab count during Season 5. The crew on the Northwestern had been working for 17 hours straight. Even though the day was exhausting, deckhand Matt Bradley’s head wasn’t in the game.

After missing the third hook, Sig Hansen lost his cool. “He’s not even walking, he’s f****** crawling!” He exclaims.

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