‘Deadliest Catch’: Sig Hansen & Keith Colburn Get Steamed and Crabby

Deadliest Catch captains Sig Hansen and Keith Colburn butt heads during a meeting. What caused the both of them to start arguing?

Deadliest Catch: Sig Hansen Wants to Unite Captains

Sig Hansen hosts a meeting on Deadliest Catch, between many of the captains of the fleet. He explains they have a massive quota and meeting this quota determines the life of the fishery. Not only that, but the Alaska Department of Fish and Game wasn’t able to conduct their annual crab survey, leaving the captains in the dark.

What’s the best way to keep the fishery alive? Sig thinks the team should work together on Deadliest Catch and collaborate on a variety of techniques, such as finding the crab. They will meet their quota faster and will have a better crab fishing season.

However, not all captains were on board and Keith Colburn was the most vocal about it.

Deadliest Catch: Sig Hansen

Keith Colburn Isn’t Buying It

On Deadliest Catch, Sig Hansen starts suggesting they create a grid and the captains cover various square miles.

“And be honest. If you’re not honest, it ain’t gonna work,” Sig tells the captains. Keith Colburn comes back with, “if you’re honest, which is a very difficult word for you.” Then Keith takes a stab at his Norwegian ancestry, saying “in Norwegian, that’s like, four syllables.”

Sig laughs, but you can tell he wasn’t fond of Keith’s comment.

Then, things get serious on Deadliest Catch. “You’re asking multiple boats to try and work together as a team?” Keith questions Sig. When he agrees with that statement, Keith says, “we have a hard enough time working together.”

Sig Hansen tried to defend himself and his plan, saying he doesn’t want anyone to fish for him. “That’s where I struggle, Sig,” Keith says. And then, he blows up on Deadliest Catch.

Deadliest Catch: Keith Colburn

Deadliest Catch: Sig Hansen & Keith Colburn Can’t Agree on a Plan

Sig Hansen starts cussing and yells, “I’m not asking you to catch my crab.” He’s clearly getting angry about Keith Colburn’s stubbornness and opinions on his plans.

During Sig’s yelling, Keith stays calm but his words still sting. He says, “you never say ‘we.’ You always say ‘me.’”

After Sig reiterates that he doesn’t want anyone catching crab for him, he starts sharing the specifics of his plan. He believes the captains can share information with one another to catch crab faster, make the quota, and keep the fishery alive on DC.

Did anyone side with Sig? Josh Harris speaks up on Deadliest Catch. He explains the old-school mentality of “not telling anyone your secrets” is no longer an option. From here, all of the captains — including Keith Colburn — agreed to take part in his plan.

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