‘Deadliest Catch’: Sig Hansen Fears Boat After Medication Reaction Triggers Second Heart Attack

Deadliest Catch star Captain Sig Hansen recently revealed he fears fishing on the F/V Northwestern after suffering a second heart attack. His first heart attack happened while at sea on board the Northwestern. But the second one really scared him even though it happened on land.

Captain Sig Hansen, 52, shared the news of his second heart attack for the Deadliest Catch viewers. The cameras and crew were there the first time it happened. But they heard about the second event only recently from Sig. Even his crew didn’t know.

Deadliest Catch: Second Heart Attack Puts Fear Into Sig Hansen

Fans of the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch have seen Sig Hansen navigate through the most treacherous waves at sea. They’ve seen his boat all but get swallowed up by the icy cold monster waves of the Bering Sea. So when Sig shares that  “I’m still afraid to go on the boat,” fans take notice. You can only imagine how frightening his heart attacks were to the usually fearless seafaring captain.

Sig Hansen’s first heart attack was caught on camera. The Deadliest Catch folks filmed him in distress sitting at the helm of the Northwestern. That first major health event occurred in 2016. Then three years later, he was in Seattle with his wife when something odd happened.

Sig Details Second Heart Attack

Captain Sig Hansen briefly spoke about his second cardiac arrest at the beginning of Deadliest Catch Season 15. This was news to both the show’s viewers and his crew. But he offered very little detail. He did, however, describe this emergency situation in more detail recently.

Sig Hansen said he was taking antibiotics for a sinus infection. Then while driving in Seattle with his wife, he suddenly started to swell up. Sig describes how he drove 100 mph to the ER. Once he arrived a nurse told him he probably had less than 10 minutes.

Deadliest Catch: EpiPen at ER Started Chest Pain

A nurse administered an EpiPen or similar allergy shot when Sig arrived. This life-saving medication reverses anaphylactic reactions. Like the life-threatening reactions to bee stings, shellfish, peanuts, and other things. In Sigs case it – a life-threatening reaction to antibiotics.

The medication used to save his life was reported to have caused an adverse reaction to the Deadliest Catch captain. He felt chest pain instantly. A blood level test confirmed another cardiac arrest. This is how the second heart attack was reported to have occurred for Captain Sig Hansen.

Deadliest Catch: Sig Fears Climbing On Board Northwestern

This scared Sig and Deadliest Catch star can’t shake the fear. The fishing boat he captained for most of his adult life scares him now. When he leaves port his travels may bring him days away from dry land at times. There’s no instant help out on the unforgiving Bering Sea in a medical emergency.

Still, Sig did say that the Deadliest Catch series has become part of his life. After all these years of having the camera crew following his every move at sea, it’s like “second nature” to him.

He said, “I feel like the show is a part of our life now.” He also shared how he’ll probably remain on the series as long as the show goes on.

Captain Gets Advice from Fans

Since Sig Hansen is a fan favorite from Deadliest Catch, viewers don’t want to see him gone. Still, fans are more concerned over his health today.

Across the social media sites, they urge Captain Sig to retire. Many offered their pleas, asking the captain to take care of his health and stay on dry land.

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