‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Jessica Makes Big Mistake Picking Jackson Michie For Veto

Big Brother spoilers reveals Jessica Milagros picked Jackson Michie to play in the PoV competition. But her decision was not wise because Michie is aligned with the other side of the house. The side that wants to get Jessica, the plus sized model, out of the house. Jessica placed her trust in Michie and it might just backfire on the model big time. Especially because neither of them ended up winning it.

Big Brother Spoilers: Jessica Gets Put On The Block

Big Brother spoilers report that Kemi Faknule, along with Jessica Milagros, was nominated for eviction by HoH Jack Matthews. The main plan is to get rid of Kemi and have Jessica as a pawn. But, Jessica is still an option for eviction in case Kemi gets off of the block. Jack hates Kemi, so Jessica might be safe as long as she’s sitting next to her.

Plus, Jack ‘promised’ Jessica that she was just a pawn, which might be true. But pawns can quickly become targets in the Big Brother game. He also discussed putting Kathryn Dunn (Kat) up again if one of them was pulled down.

Jessica Picks Jackson To Play In PoV

For some reason Jessica Milagros put all of her trust in Jackson Michie who has no loyalty to her. She wanted him to play in the veto for her if she got to pick someone for the Big Brother comp. Jessica ended up getting to pick houseguest’s choice, so she went with Michie.

Big Brother spoilers show Jessica won’t be betrayed by Michie because Sam Smith will win the PoV for the second week in a row. And it doesn’t look like he plans on using it. Instead, deciding to keep Jack’s nominations the same.

Isabella Rats Out Jessica’s All-Girl’s Alliance

Originally, Jessica Milagros appeared to be safe sitting on the block next to Kemi. Things changed when Isabella Wang revealed Jessica’s idea of an all-girl alliance to Jack. Earlier in the game, Jessica pitched the idea to most of the girls in the Big Brother house.

She dubbed them the “Black Widows” but most of the so-called members seemed half-invested. Jack confronted Jessica about what Bella told him and she became incredibly defensive but Jack reassured her that she was still okay this week. But Jessica was already spiraling.

Big Brother Spoilers: Game Over For Chicago Model?

According to several other houseguests, Jessica Milagros is “digging her own grave.” Her conversation with Jack after Isabella gave him a bunch of half-truths struck a cord with the woman. She is talking too much game and saying bad things about some people that are getting back to them. For example, she told Analyse Talavera that Nick Maccarone was talking crap about her. Is she about to self-destruct her game?

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