‘Big Brother’: Jessica Milagros’ Husband Slams Jack Matthews For Insulting Wife

Big Brother news reveals Jessica Milagros‘ husband clapped back at Jack Matthews for insulting his wife. After Jack admitted to flirting with Jessica in order to make her “feel good about herself”, her hubby Steve James went off. He even coined Jack’s new nickname ‘the water boy.’

Big Brother: Jack Flirts With Jessica Milagros To Make Her Feel Better

Jack Matthews directed several compliments towards Jessica Milagros in the first few days of live feeds. While it appeared to the other houseguests that he was just being nice to her, Big Brother feedsters quickly became aware of the truth.

Jack Matthews admitted to several of his alliance members that he actually felt bad for her. “I’ve been flirting with her to make her feel good about herself,” Jack revealed. His attitude and personality is very off-putting to fans but not surprising. He also made it seem like Nicole Anthony was lucky to talk to someone as good-looking as him because it wouldn’t happen in the “real world” outside of Big Brother.

Jessica’s Husband Is Pissed – Calls Jack “Water Boy”

While Jack views himself in a god-like light, Jessica’s husband Steve James doesn’t feel the same way, at all. In fact, he was pissed that someone would have the audacity to do something like that. So, naturally, he called the Big Brother player out for it.

“She’s a big girl, so she obviously has low self-esteem, right?” Steve responded to the Aquaman look-a-like’s pity flirting. “Wrong,” he continued to say how strong and beautiful Jessica Milagros is, stating that’s the reason why he married her. “You may look like Aquaman buddy, but apparently you’re just a water boy.”

Big Brother Spoilers: Jack Has The Plus Sized Model On List Of Targets

While his enemy number one is still Kemi Faknule, Jack Matthews has his eyes on Jessica Milagros, too. In a conversation with the Gr8ful Eight alliance, he said he would want to get her out after they get rid of Kemi. Which means the other side of the house needs to secure the HoH this week so they can target him first. Watch Big Brother tonight to see what happens at the live eviction.

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