‘Big Brother’: Ovi’s Girlfriend Mocks Jack – Calls Him Water Boy

Big Brother 21‘s Ovi Kabir has a girlfriend back home who’s not holding her opinions back about Jack Matthews. Hannah Blackwell‘s been very vocal about her thoughts on the villain of the season, Jack Matthews. Especially on his poor treatment of her boyfriend inside the house. Jack is constantly taking jabs at Ovi Kabir behind his back and Hannah’s sick of it. So, she’s calling the wannabe Aquaman out.

Big Brother: Jack Matthews Makes Fun Of Ovi Kabir

Throughout the few short weeks the Big Brother game has been going on, Jack Matthews has painted himself in a very negative light. Whether it’s his unexplained hatred for Kemi Faknule or aggressive behavior when Christie Murphy didn’t want to nominate her. The Aquaman looking player doesn’t look good to the BB live feeders who see more than production’s edited version of Jack Matthews.

But Jack Matthews has also been making jokes about Ovi Kabir’s weight behind his back. Even when Ovi was working out a decent amount in the Big Brother house, Jack had something nasty to say about it. Well, Ovi Kabir’s stunning girlfriend Hannah Blackwell has had enough.

Big Brother 21: Ovi Kabir’s Girlfriend Calls Jack Matthews ‘Water Boy’

After last night’s episode aired, Hannah Blackwell, Ovi Kabir’s beautiful girlfriend, had a few words for Jack Matthews. She put the photographer on blast and used his looks to do it. Ironic, right? Hannah attacked the idea that he looks kinda like Jason Momoa, the Aquaman actor.

“Screw you Jack,” Hannah said after the latest Big Brother episode. “You’re not Aquaman, you’re a little water boy.” She even took it a step further, “you’re not Jason Momoa and you’ll never even be close to him.”

Jessica Milagros’ Husband Called Him “Water Boy” first

While Hannah is the latest to slam Big Brother villain Jack Matthews, she isn’t the first. It was actually Jessica Milagros’ husband that started the trend of referring to him as a ‘water boy.’

Jessica Milagros is the plus size model on Big Brother season 21. Her husband chimed in after Jack told other houseguests that, “I flirt with her [Jessica] just to make her feel good about herself.”

Jessica’s husband was not happy about that and left a note for Jack on his Instagram for when he gets out. He told him that Jess doesn’t need any pity compliments because, “she’s a strong and beautiful woman inside and out.”

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