‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: CBS Rigs Game for Kaitlyn Herman to Stay In BB20 House and She Still Loses?

Big Brother spoilers show that Kaitlyn Herman failed to solve a puzzle so simple a child could have done it. It was her shot to get back into the house and she fell far short reportedly leaving production scrambling to cover the gaffe. Many lifelong fans think the game was rigged by CBS to keep Kaitlyn in the BB20 house.

Kaitlyn Herman was rating’s gold, and with good reason. Viewers loved to hate Kaitlyn. Players like Kaitlyn are what drives the ratings and why CBS would want her to stay in the game. It’s not uncommon for Big Brother production to manipulate houseguest outcomes.

Kaitlyn was a very controverisial player, which is always great for ratings.  Viewers watch as gets frisky with the men in the house.  Kaitlyn’s boyfriend apparently dumped her on social media because of her cheating behavior.  Fans also watched her on the live feeds climb into Brett’s bed and give him what many live feed watchers believe was a h*ndjob.  All this kept viewers tuned into not just the show but the paid live feeds.

In fact, leakers posted that houseguest contracts tell them in no uncertain terms that they are there for entertainment value and not as competitors. In past seasons, it seemed obvious that production took a heavy hand in who stays and who goes. Past players said they were heavily influenced behind the scenes in the Diary Room where fans can’t see it happen, but sometimes it’s even more obvious.

Paul Abrahamian in Big Brother Season 19

Most fans agreed that CBS production rigged the show for Paul Abrahamian to get an early advantage last season. Paul was the first Den of Temptation winner in BB19. America voted for the DoT winner, so the victor was obvious to most even before announced. Since Paul was the only returning houseguest, he was assured a win because the other cast members were unknowns.

Paul’s DoT gave him the Pendant of Protection which kept him safe for the next three evictions. This advantage gave Paul the power he needed to stay in the game as the other houseguests had already targeted him for eviction. That was way too many weeks of protection for production not to have swayed things, right?

Evel Dick in Big Brother Season 8

There are other ways CBS has controlled who stays on the show. Getting evicted isn’t the only way to get booted from the BB house. In Season Eight, Evel Dick was allowed to stay even after he burned his nemesis, Jen Johnson, with a cigarette. Many fans watched the argument in slow motion and believed that the act was deliberate.

If it was, that was essentially assault and Dick should have been ousted from the house by production for a clear violation of the rules. However, many BB fans side with Evel. He said he was making a gesture and Jen was in the way. Season 8 was one of Big Brother’s most dramatic seasons.

Ratings were way up, and it was all because of this one volatile and loud cast member. Many fans think that CBS would have kicked anyone else off the show for that cigarette stunt But since Evel Dick was single-handedly making Big Brother 8 one of CBS’s most watched shows, the prevailing theory is that production shielded him.

Was Kaitlyn Herman’s game rigged?

The first clue that the fix was in after Thursday’s live eviction was that CBS didn’t leave time for Kaitlyn’s exit interview. Usually, there’s the live, goodbye houseguest videos, and a few questions from Julie Chen. None of that happened in the usual way after Kait was evicted. In fact, it was the first time in 10 years we didn’t see a live eviction interview.

One Reddit poster shared details about the Thursday live eviction that show production interference:

“A producer TOLD the studio audience before the show that we would NOT be seeing an evicted house guest come out tonight because of the special power. They did not expect her to mess that puzzle up at all. As time was running out [on the puzzle], crew seemed very on edge.”

Of course, the most obvious clue was how easy the puzzle was to solve. Production built the puzzle with only six pieces. Plus, Kaitlyn saw the puzzle completely assembled at the beginning, so there was no guesswork involved.

CBS designed a stunningly simple comeback competition that was almost unlosable. Kaitlyn could have easily pulled off the pieces one by one and put them in the correct order as she passed them through the generously large slot. Compared to past efforts to win a pass back into the house, this one was literally child’s play.

Evel Dick, who knows the game better than almost anyone, tweeted out earlier that Kaitlyn’s comp would probably be a gimme.

If the game was rigged – It was still a nail-bitter

One thing’s for sure – fans were on the edge of their seats watching Kaitlyn Herman struggle with a challenge most first graders could master. After she lost, production was reportedly left scrambling, including frustrated Executive Producer Allison Grodner, as they rushed to handle an impromptu eviction interview they thought for certain would NOT happen.

Live audience members saw the scramble and shared details on Reddit. The audience member added:

“They recording an extended interview with her after the live show was over… The same producer who said we wouldn’t be seeing a houseguest tonight said after that it was the first time in his ten seasons there that they’ve done the interview package after the live show.”

The Redditor added, “This really shows that CBS f-d up, and they f-d up badly.”

In Kaitlyn’s defense, no one knows how they would have fared under that stress. Add to that, $500,000 is on the line. It could be the pressure was just too much coming off an eviction vote that hit her hard where she felt betrayed.

What seems clear from the audience member info shared on Reddit is that production deliberately made an overly easy challenge. Kaitlyn’s failure then left them scrambling and it came off looking sloppy. What do you think? Was the Big Brother game rigged to keep Kaitlyn Herman in it?

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