‘Big Brother 20’ Week 2 POV, Nominations Spoilers

Things are already heating up in the Big Brother 20 house and the week two nominations and POV spoilers are already here. Big Brother Updates has been able to share big spoilers about what happened this week. If you have the live feeds you might know, but without them, a lot of people have to wait for the next episode.

Nominations for week 2

Big Brother Updates revealed that the nominations are already up. Kaitlyn Herman made her nominations already. She nominated Scottie and Winston for eviction, which is what everyone expected to happen. Swaggy C is the target, though. It is time for the backdoor if they can pull it off. Scottie has been told that he is a pawn, though.

POV for week 2 on Big Brother

The Power of Veto players this week on Big Brother were HoH – Kaitlyn, Nominees – Winston and Scottie, Picked Players – Faysal, Rachel and Tyler and then the host was Angie. Tyler ended up winning the POV so it will be up to him what he does with it. That means that Kaitlyn won’t be in control and things could end up being changed up. She has a plan, but it is all about if it happens or not.

The plan is for Tyler to actually pull someone down and they will backdoor Swaggy C as planned. You will just have to wait and see if Tyler goes through with it or ends up backing out. Things are always changing in the BB20 house so anything could end up happening. Tyler may end up getting convinced to do something else.

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