‘Big Brother’: Nick Maccarone’s “Twin” a Wanted Fugitive – Hiding in the ‘BB21’ House?

Big Brother contestant Nick Maccarone has a fugitive doppelganger running around with an arrest warrant. One BB21 fan noticed their local sheriff’s department was looking for a wanted criminal by the name of Anthony O’Leary. The fugitive has a striking resemblance to Nick Maccarone, bad haircut and all. They look so much alike that they could be twins. Do you think this man looks like Nick?

Big Brother: Nick Maccarone Has a Doppelganger

They say that every person has a doppelganger, someone that looks so close they could be twins. But it seems that Big Brother star Nick Maccarone’s “twin” doppelganger is a little bit closer to home. By that, we mean right across the Ben Franklin bridge.

Nick’s doppelganger is from Philadelphia and could be mistaken for him on the street. It seems like they even go to the same barber because they’re both sporting that “fashionable” bowl-cut. Yet, Nick’s look-a-like might not be someone you want to approach on the street.

The photo below is of Anthony O’Leary… NOT Nick Maccarone.

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BB21: Nick’s Doppelganger is a Wanted Criminal

Not only is Nick Maccarone’s doppelganger located super close to his hometown, but he’s also on the run from the police. One Big Brother fan shared a screenshot from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. They asked, “did they check the BB21 house?”

It says Anthony is “Wanted Criminal” and is under the “Most Wanted” section of the department’s website. He’s apparently wanted for escape, vandalism and receiving stolen property. Which is a long list of felonies.

Big Brother: Is a Wanted Man Hiding Out in the ‘BB21’ House?

Some fans are tossing around the theory that Nick Maccarone is Anthony. That he’s hiding from the cops in the Big Brother house and no one has figured it out until now. Of course, it’s all in good fun, but that hasn’t stopped former BB players like James Huling and Josh Martinez from toying with the idea.

Things may not work out between Nick and his evicted showmance Isabella Wang. Perhaps this new man stands a chance with Bella. After he finishes his sentence, of course.

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