‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Christie Murphy & Nick Get into Huge Altercation and Ruin Taco Tuesday

Big Brother spoilers tease an intense fight between Nick Maccarone and Christie Murphy. Although Christie was the one planning a huge fight to expose Nick, the man in question was the one to initiate it. It happened right before dinner on Taco Tuesday and lasted for almost a half-an-hour. Christie and Nick screamed, interrupted each other, and accused the other of spreading lies all in one sitting. It was crazy to watch and some of the other BB21 houseguests thought so too, according to their facial expressions.

Big Brother Spoilers: Christie Murphy Plans on Exposing Nick Maccarone

Big Brother spoilers show that with Christie Murphy’s impending eviction getting closer, she wants to blow up Nick Maccarone’s game. So, what time would be better than at the weekly Big Brother Taco Tuesday dinner? She was planning on exposing him for playing all sides of the house as a last resort to make something happen in the game.

It’s almost definite right now that Christie will be the BB21 player sitting with Julie Chen on Thursday night’s Big Brother. But things change quickly in the Big Brother game. Eventually, Christie said she wasn’t going to go through with it. If she didn’t decide not to hash it out with Nick during dinner, could things have changed?

BB21 News: Nick Maccarone Riles Christie Murphy Up – Big Fight Ensues

Although Christie Murphy put her fight plans behind her, Nick Maccarone wasn’t letting things go that easily. He had apparently learned about her idea to cause a huge fight and beat her to the punch. After exiting the Diary Room, he came crashing through the Big Brother Head of Household’s door where Christie and HoH Jackson Michie were talking. Where Jackson was already trying to convince her to go through with it.

Things heated up quickly and they brought the drama downstairs where the other Big Brother houseguests were setting up dinner. They wanted a live audience to witness the altercation. What a way to ruin everyone’s favorite Taco Tuesday with some screaming and yelling.

Big Brother 21 Update: Christie and Nick Re-Hash Old Drama

Christie Murphy and Nick Maccarone fought for around thirty minutes in the BB house. Which consisted of them accusing one another of everything under the sun, while the rest of the Big Brother house watched. Christie never let Nick speak for longer than three seconds without cutting him off. While Nick let his temper flare by getting so loud, they probably heard him in New York.

Their fight barely resulted in anything other than cementing Christie’s upcoming eviction. It also ruined Taco Tuesday, which Holly Allen was preparing during all the fighting. For the first time, there was no gratitude circle and the table was left in awkward silence.

Big Brother Spoilers: Everyone’s Reactions Were The Best Part

No, it wasn’t Christie Murphy and  therapist Nick Maccarone having a yelling contest that stuck with most live feeders. It was the rest of the houseguests’ reactions while the whole thing was going on. Especially Tommy Bracco and Jessica Milagros.

Tommy looked like he wanted the floor to swallow him while his closest ally dug herself a deeper grave. Meanwhile, Jessica’s expressions on confusion were what made the fight that much funnier to watch for the Big Brother live feed watchers.

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