‘Big Brother’: Nick Threatens To Spit On Kemi – Nicole Tattles & Kemi Claps Back

Big Brother news has Nick Maccarone actually threatening to spit in Kemi Faknule‘s face. The conversation happened last night in the backyard between Nick, Christie Murphy, Tommy Bracco, Isabella Wang and Sam Smith.

Kemi was brought into the mix and the houseguests once again expressed their dislike for her. This time though, Nick took it a little too far by saying he would spit on her. And was overheard by Nicole Anthony, who didn’t know who they were referring to, but reported it back to Kemi Faknule.

Big Brother: Christie Calls Kemi A Liar – Nick Maccarone Fired Up

Several houseguests were sitting around the hammock discussing Kemi Faknule (shocker!). Christie Murphy brought up how Kemi told her about her first week BB21 alliance speculations. Which were that there were three couples in a big alliance. She was probably referring to Jack-Analyse, Jackson-Holly, and Nick-Isabella.

Well, Christie called her a liar and the others sitting in the backyard starting talking about her too. It even sent Nick Maccarone off on an “I hate Kemi” tangent, where his feelings on the woman seemed to turn a bit over the top on the Big Brother all access feeds. These two have been on each other’s bad side for a long time.

Nick Threatens To Spit “Right In Between Her Eyes” – BB21 Live Feeds Reveal

Nick Maccarone has been done with Kemi Faknule since she called him out in her eviction speech. After he reportedly comforted her while she was on the block, he saw it as the ultimate betrayal. And even though they talked things out, there are definitely still some hard feelings on his side. Maybe even outside of the Big Brother game.

So, when Christie mentioned her in their conversation, he had no problem taking the reins of the discussion. He said, “I’d spit on her, honest to God. I’d literally f*cking spit right between her eyes.” But even the threat that he’d probably never have the balls to act on wasn’t enough. Nick Maccarone went on to call her a “piece of sh*t” as seen on the Big Brother 21 live feeds.

Big Brother 21: Nicole Tells Kemi Faknule What She Overheard

Little did the BB21 group in the backyard know they had an eavesdropper. Or maybe they didn’t care enough to make sure no one else could hear them. Which would be how Nicole overheard some of the conversation, more specifically, the spitting in somebody’s face part. Although she didn’t know who they were talking about, she told Kemi Faknule about what she had heard later on.

Kemi’s response was probably one of the her best all season. “If someone spits on me, I’m breaking someone’s jaw”. She has kept her calm so far, but this might just be an action that would push her over the edge. Tune in to CBS tonight to see the PoV play out on BB21 and, of course, even more drama with Nick Maccarone.

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