‘Big Brother 22’ Copies ‘Survivor’ All-Vets Season – Including 1 Big Twist?

Big Brother 22 might look a little familiar to Survivor fans just getting over the monumental Winners at War season. That’s because it’s supposedly going to be a season with returning veterans similar to WaW. Since CBS runs both of the show’s it’s not surprising that they’d pull ideas from each of them for the other. It’s not the first time that they’ve done so. Plus, it’s also not the first time they’ve shared players or twists.

CBS Owns Both Big Brother & Survivor So They Share Similarities

Although Survivor aired before Big Brother, the show’s share a lot of similarities. It might be because the latter is basically the former with a little bit of difference. While one group of players is stuck on an island, the other is trapped inside a house for a pre-determined amount of time. Also, the concept of voting out a player or two each week is also similar in both shows.

Yet, Survivor has several tribes in which the losing one votes out one of their own. Big Brother is also a little different, but still practically alike. Instead of having reign to vote out whomever they want, the BB houseguests pick the two players nominated for eviction by the HoH. HoH and the Individual Immunity competitions have a lot of correlation as well.

Survivor: Winners at War: Ethan Zohn - Parvati Shallow - Sandra Diaz-Twine - Rob Mariano

Big Twist That BB Has Used From Survivor

If Big Brother has decided to do an All-Stars season right after Survivor‘s season filled with all-winners, it wouldn’t be the first thing they taken ideas from the other show. The reality show, hosted by Julie Chen, just pulled from Jeff Probst’s series for BB21. Do you remember the Camp Comeback twist where the first four evicted houseguests – Ovi Kabir, Kemi Faknule, David Alexander, and Cliff Hogg III – still lived in the house?

Then, one of them got the chance to return in a battle back competitions. Does that sound a little familiar? That’s because it’s basically Survivor‘s Edge of Extinction twist but with enough differences to fit the Big Brother game. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if BB22 takes some more ideas from its sister show.

Big Brother 22: Derrick Levasseur - Da'Vonne Rogers - Janelle Pierzina - Dan Gheesling

Big Brother 22: Special Concerns for COVID-19

Our Big Brother CBS source says it’s definitely going to be a lineup of All-Stars for BB22 this summer. But there’s still a concern due to COVID-19 and a longer sequester might not be the only change. We’ve heard from our source that sequester begins this week, so the game should start in a little more than two weeks.

In order to keep all the quarantined houseguests in one place once Big Brother begins, the EoE twist sounds more and more likely to happen. Instead of a jury house, maybe they’ll have a separate house with similar rules to the main one for the eliminated houseguests to wait for a chance to come back. Without the luxury of the jury one to relax in that is.

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